Nadex Trader

Our browser-based trading platform gives you fast, flexible and reliable access to the Nadex exchange.

Online Trading

Direct Market Access

Our online trading platform gives you DMA (Direct Market Access). See the bid and offer price with the volume of contracts available and trade directly into the exchange.

Enter and exit positions at the level you want by placing orders to open.

Online Charts


Our charts give you real-time insight into the price movements of Nadex contracts, as well as an indication of the underlying market price of a particular asset. Apply technical indicators, view tick-by-tick data and annotate your charts until you’re ready to place your trade. Chart data is indicative only and may differ from the actual expiration value.

Online Trading Platform


Our online trading platform is packed with features, but you can customize your view so you only see the data and functions you need. Monitor your key markets with our watchlists and view those markets in List or Pairs view.

How to Place a Nadex Binary Option Trade

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It is free to use our trading platform and there are no data fees. Access our platform when you want, where you want, at no charge. The only fees you ever pay on Nadex are the transaction costs of each trade. Learn more about Transaction Costs.

Easy Access

Log in and trade wherever you are with our browser-based platform. No downloads are required, all you need is your username and password.

Reliable Technology

In 2011, our Exchange match engine had uptime of over 99.9%. And because website access to our trading platform is encrypted, your account details are totally secure.

Streaming data

When you log on to the Nadex platform, you’re streaming real-time data directly from the exchange: no delayed prices, just tick-accurate data.

How much does this real-time access cost? Nothing, it’s free of charge.

Open Account

Start trading today with your own Nadex account. No fees and initial minimum deposit only $100.

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Demo Online Trading

Test drive Nadex

Open a free demo account to test drive our trading platform, with no obligation.

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