Trading Handbooks

These guides will help you better understand the fundamentals of Nadex, Binary Options, and Bull Spreads. Written by us, they will hopefully provide everything you need to begin trading with confidence.

  • Understand how you can maximize opportunity, while limiting risk with Bull Spreads.

    This handbook examines the relationship between risk and reward when trading Bull Spreads. It also draws a comparison between trading a Bull Spread and making an equivalent trade in the underlying market.

  • See how Binary Options can provide trading opportunities in a range of market conditions.

    This handbook explains how it’s possible to benefit from any market condition, using a fraction of the collateral needed for conventional futures trading, and with strictly capped risk.

  • Discover how Binary Options can be particularly effective during periods of volatility.

    This guide covers how to use Binary Options to take a view on the short-term volatility of key markets. This opens up the potential to trade without committing to a particular market direction.

  • Find out more about Bull Spreads and how you can benefit by trading with them.

    This handbook will help you learn about the mechanics and the benefits of trading with Bull Spreads, including how their floors and ceilings provide flexible yet absolute limits on your risk.

  • Get to grips with Binary Options using this helpful and concise guide.

    This handbook provides a short introduction to Binary Options, familiarizing you with the ins and outs of these intuitive, limited-risk derivatives.

  • Learn all about Nadex and the basics of trading our contracts.

    This easy-to-follow guide introduces our exchange and the benefits of trading our products. By working through a range of hypothetical examples, you will learn the principles of trading Binary Options and Bull Spreads.