Nadex Trading Fees

Nadex Fees: Reasonable & Fair 


Trading Fees Per Contract (Entry or Exit Before Expiration)

Contracts Traded Per Order Fees Per Side
Contracts 1-50

$1 per contract (capped at $50.00)

Contracts 51 and above No additional fees

Fees at Expiration

Trade Expires Total Fees
In the money

$1 settlement fee

Out of the money No settlement fee

You pay a trading fee on each side of your trade: once to open and once to close.

To enter a trade, you will be charged $1 per contract, up to $50. If your order is for more than 50 contracts, you won't be charged more than $50. 

You exit the trade in one of two ways: by placing a second, opposite trade or by letting the binary option or call spread contract expire.

If you exit the position before expiration, you’ll be charged a $1 trading fee. As with the entry fee, you will only be charged up to $50, even if your order is for more than 50 contracts.

If you hold a binary option position until expiration and it is profitable ($100 per contract) then you’ll be charged a settlement fee of $1 per contract to close. This fee is not capped at $50.

If you hold the position until expiration and it closes out of the money (zero), you won't be charged a settlement fee.


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Other Fees

Transaction Fee
Wire withdrawal $25
Returned deposit $25
Account setup Free
Electronic check setup Free
Electronic check deposit Free
Electronic withdrawal Free


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The above are the standard trading and settlement fees for Nadex members. For additional details, view our Fee Schedule. Additional fees may apply under special circumstances, please see Nadex Rules for details.