Nadex Call Spreads

Nadex call spreads may be the best new trading instrument you’ve never heard of. Every successful trading method comes down to following a trend or exploiting a market’s lack of movement beyond a certain range. Nadex spreads give you an innovative way to trade both trending and sideways markets.

In this course you’ll learn what Nadex call spreads are and what makes them different from other ways to trade. You’ll learn how to trade a market that is trending in a clear direction, using the floor and ceiling of the price range to limit your potential loss and give you a defined profit target.

Then you’ll look a little deeper, at how Nadex call spreads allow you a unique advantage in volatile markets. Volatility can be a profitable force, but also create dangerous risk for unwary traders. Nadex call spreads limit profit and risk within a range, creating a trading experience unlike that of any other financial instrument.

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