Educational Videos

Watch Video: Find Markets to Trade

Find Markets to Trade

Learn the 4 steps to find a market, expiration, and strike price and open a trade order. With 28...

Watch Video: What are Binary Options?

What are Binary Options?

What are binary options? Binary options are a simple way to make a true or false prediction about...

Watch Video: A Welcome Message from Nadex CEO Tim McDermott

A Welcome Message from Nadex CEO Tim McDermott

Our CEO would like a minute of your time to say “Hi” and explain how to get the most out of your...

Watch Video: Nadex Trading Platform Tour

Nadex Trading Platform Tour

Get started trading binary options on the Nadex web-based platform with this overview. You'll learn...

Watch Video: Why Trade Nadex Spreads

Why Trade Nadex Spreads

A four-minute video explaining the range of benefits Nadex spreads can bring to your trading...

Watch Video: Nadex Spreads Risk Reward

Nadex Spreads Risk Reward

An overview of the risk/reward profile of Nadex spreads and the important role played by the...

Watch Video: Navigating the Platform

Navigating the Platform

Brief video illustrating the basic navigation of the Nadex trading platform.

Watch Video: How to Open Charts

How to Open Charts

Learn how to open Nadex charts, access technical indicators and tools, and place orders directly...

Watch Video: What is Nadex?

What is Nadex?

Unlike some other binary options providers, Nadex is based in the US, holds all member deposits in...

Watch Video: Learn Nadex Binary Options

Learn Nadex Binary Options

Learn what makes Nadex binary options a great choice for traders who want a US-based, CFTC-...

Watch Video: Finder


How to use the finder function and locate contracts to trade on the Nadex platform.

Watch Video: Welcome to the Nadex Exchange

Welcome to the Nadex Exchange

Welcome to Nadex, the Binary Options exchange where you can trade across a wide range of markets...