How to Fund & Withdraw from Your Nadex Account

Once your account is open, you’ll receive an email sending you to the login page. Login with your username and the password you created when you applied. When the platform opens you’ll see the funding window, so you can deposit funds and be able to trade. The minimum initial deposit is $250.

For all deposits and withdrawals, you’ll need a personal checking account. We cannot accept savings accounts. If you have a Nadex business account, contact Nadex for details on funding. The default window shows debit card funding, because it’s the most popular and fastest way to make a deposit. Your funds are available right away and there is no transaction fee. The name on your card must match the name on your Nadex account. It must be your card. We cannot accept a friend or family member’s card. We also can’t accept prepaid cards, commercial/business cards, or credit cards.

The first time you use a debit card, we need to do a simple one-time verification to confirm that the card matches your checking account. After that, you’ll be able to withdraw funds you deposited using that card. To verify your card, under My Account, go to Upload Document. You’ll need a bank statement showing your full name and address, your bank’s name or logo, your full account number, and a debit transaction sent to Nadex. This transaction will probably be your deposit. Scan the bank statement or take a photo on your phone and upload the image to the Nadex platform. If you use paperless banking, upload a screenshot from your computer or device. You can also deposit and withdraw funds via bank transfer. US residents can use ACH or automated clearing house transfers. Nadex does not charge a fee for ACH deposits or withdrawals. They usually take 3-5 days to process versus instant funding with a debit card. Both US and non-US residents can use wire transfers, also called international bank transfers. You can initiate a wire transfer from your personal checking account by going to your bank’s website or local branch office. Wire transfers can only come from your checking account, not savings, commercial, retirement, or other accounts. Nadex doesn’t charge a wire transfer fee for deposits, but your bank may.

Wire transfers within the US usually take one business day. International transfers may take longer. Your bank sends your funds to the Federal Reserve, which then forwards it to Nadex’s bank, BMO Harris. We’ll send you a confirmation once the deposit has posted to your account. Before you can perform bank transfers or withdrawals, you need to add your checking account to your wallet. Click on My Wallet and Add an Account. Select your country. If your bank is in the US, enter your bank’s routing or ABA number. If you select a country outside the US, you’ll be prompted to enter SWIFT, IBAN, or whichever number codes are used in your country. Enter your account or IBAN number. Then retype your account number to confirm it. Check the box confirming that this account is a personal checking account matching your Nadex info. Before you click Save Account, you may review the Nadex Privacy Policy. Again, you’ll get a confirmation email from Nadex. If we need additional documentation, we’ll let you know, but most people don’t need any.

That’s it, once you’ve added your bank account, you can make ACH deposits, wire transfers, and withdrawals whenever you want, from desktop or mobile device. If you deposited funds with a debit card, you can withdraw funds back to your checking account using ACH or wire transfer. There is a $25 bank processing fee for domestic and international wire transfers and no fee for ACH transfers. So the key things to remember:

  • Go to My Account in the platform and click Account Funding
  • A debit card from your checking account is fastest
  • You can also use a bank transfer or ACH
  • You must have a checking account
  • You’ll need to upload a bank statement to verify your information