Live Technical Analysis: Market Movers - March 27th, 2018

The markets covered in today's webinar will focus on the following:

  • Crude  which has been pushing higher and appears to be fixing an over extension right now. We will look at the big picture and identify some potential pullback targets using leading indicators. We will also look into potential ways to trade a pullback.
  • AUDJPY is in a downtrend. Price has just pulled back to equilibrium levels on the daily chart and is setting up for a potential trend continuation to the downside.
  • The big index, the S&P500 index has come once again under pressure. We will try to identify key levels and have a look at the bigger picture for a game plan for the next few days.


Kick start your trading each Tuesday with this regular feature from the trading team at Trade With Precision. With so much going on in the market each week, how can we spot opportunities across multiple markets and time frames? Join us weekly for this insightful live webinar where we will focus on technical and trend analysis across major markets to answer this question, plus: 

• Utilizing a trading strategy for long and short positions 
• Building your own trading strategy using technical analysis 
• View on current markets for the week ahead 
• How to trade your strategies with Nadex Binaries and Spreads 
• Market scenarios, possible outcomes and set-ups to consider 
• Market moving news events for the week ahead