Advanced Trading Strategies (Part Two)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 12:00 ET


Philipp Pfitzenmaier - Trade with Precision

Philipp Pfitzenmaier - Trade with Precision

Part Two of this series will build on the technical ingredients covered in the first session and discuss how these ingredients can be put into action using a concise, easy to understand set of rules. Part One is a prerequisite for Part Two.

Webinar topics:

  • The How and What of Chart Patterns, more continuation and reversal patterns explained
  • Multiple Timeframe Analysis, improving trading  probabilities
  • Risk vs Reward, the professional trader’s best-kept secret
  • Trend Following Strategies to trade market flow
    • Momentum Breakout Strategy
    • Trend Flow Strategy
  • Practicals: the Strategies in Action!

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