Live Trading and Analysis

This webinar will provide traders with alternative methods for swing and intraday trading using Nadex Binary Options and a technical view into what is driving prices in today’s markets across a range of index, forex and commodity contracts offered by Nadex. This live market commentary will focus on multiple aspects of swing and intraday trading: how traders can use longer term patterns in the underlying market and how to translate those patterns into a game plan for trading Binary Options. 

Additional topics covered during this webinar will be: 

  • Key charting levels and patterns to be watching in the days and weeks ahead 
  • Looking at the overall market picture as a means to executing a longer term trade 
  • Market scenarios and set-ups 
  • How traders can utilize binary options in varied conditions 
  • Understanding and management of risk and reward 
  • Selecting the right contract to trade 
Webinar Date: 
Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 09:00