Three Key Metrics for Consistent Trading Results

Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 4:30pm ET


Vlad Karpel - YellowTunnel

Vlad Karpel - YellowTunnel

Join Vlad Karpel, CEO and Founder of YellowTunnel, to discover how you can become a more consistent trader. In this webinar, he will show you how to use three key metrics to gauge the potential success of a trade and determine whether you should include it in your trading plan. You’ll learn how to make clear, well-thought-out trading decisions – a key part of becoming a more skilled trader. Vlad’s three key metrics are:

• Return on capital
• Probability of success
• Estimated move analysis

If you’re not using these important metrics, you could fall prey to making impulsive trading decisions. Vlad will teach you the fundamentals, as well as going over the current market conditions, and looking at trading with a ‘magnifying glass’, giving long-term perspective and a balanced view.

Vlad is an expert on options, technology and trading psychology. As a teacher and trader with 15 years’ experience, he shares his own insights and strategies, including the ‘7 pillars of consistent trading’ and ‘not dwelling on the tilt’ to help you avoid negative emotional responses.

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