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The Price Of Oil At A Crossroads

By Jason Pfaff - March 12, 2018

End of the Week View for Stock Indices

Right now, many things are hitting Wall Street hard, and after yesterday’s big sell-off, we are seeing just how much a combination of things are...

USDCAD Hidden Divergence

USDCAD Hidden Divergence

The USDCAD 240-minute chart shows that price is again testing the ATR and a potential reversal bar has formed.  Price is making lower highs but the...

Where did Bitcoin Volatility Go?

Bitcoin worked through a small rally at the opening of the week, and has moved higher, but the failure to break resistance at $9,000 continued to...

Trade war begins

In an article dated March 7th linked here, we wrote about how trade wars would lower economic growth, lower bond yields and send the dollar lower. We...

The Yen has no time for playing games.

The Forex market is a typically easy to read and by that, I mean it’s easy to see what currencies strong and what currencies are weakening.  Certain...

With Great Powell Comes Great Responsibility

The first Federal Open Markets Committee meeting under new Fed Chair Jerome "Jay" Powell concluded with the FOMC voting to raise the benchmark...

Bitcoin- Dating Rather Than Marriage Is The Name of the Game

2017 was a one-way street for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The most closely watched cryptocurrency began last year at around the $1000 level...

Trading Volatility on the USDJPY During FOMC

Trading Volatility on the USDJPY During FOMC

The USDJPY historical average price movement for today's FOMC releases is approximately 146 pips (measured from high to low during 2pm and 3pm). ...

Facebook Down 9.2% This Week

Facebook Down 9.2% This Week

The S&P 500 futures did a series of small drops and pops yesterday, but ended up closing modestly higher in what was a much tighter range than...

Nasdaq Meltdown.

Facebook is having a bad week and a really bad couple of days. So did Twitter and Snap an Oracle. Even Google is not immune. The Nasdaq however,...

USDJPY Prior to FOMC Rate Announcment

Will the USDJPY Break to the Upside or Continue Down

According to the CME FedWatch Tool, the probabilities of a rate hike are at 94.4% this morning.  In December, prior to the FOMC raising rates, the...

USD/CAD: Pre-FOMC Market Breakout

What a fundamental challenge ahead for the USD/CAD market.  Trade war ambiguities and a looming interest rate hike by the U.S. Federal Reserve have...

$5 Billion Pours Into Tech Funds

$5 Billion Pours Into Tech Funds

Let's say it like it is... the equity markets are acting like crap. Many believe that the equity futures are going to go lower, and some think they...

Decisive Week Ahead for Pound and Dollar

Center stage next week will belong to the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) with expectations of an announcement of a quarter point...

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