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Weekly Market Trading Plan for October 16, 2017

By Jack Gleason - October 16, 2017


Island Gap in the SP 500 Futures

With the island gap higher in the S&P 500 Futures, I think that you approach the market as any rally in the stock market you could consider bei

Spooked by the 1987 Crash?

Today I woke up looked briefly at my quotes and saw RED!  Oh, my I said there has to be major news!

S&P 500's Overnight 20-Handle Drop

S&P 500's Overnight 20-Handle Drop

Just when traders were unhappy with the S&P 500 futures’ quiet range and low volume, which made it seem like this market would grind higher for


A Look at EUR vs USD until the End of the Week:10.18.17

I am looking at shorting the EUR/USD until the end of the week, but I want the EUR/USD pair to break the cloud to the downside on the hourly chart.

Will the USDCAD Continue to Move Up

Potential Upcoming Move on the USD/CAD

Today, at 10:30 am New York time the Crude Oil Inventories will be released and typically creates a lot of volatility for both Crude and the USD/CA

S&P Technical View for 10.17

S&P Technical View for 10.17

The S&P 500 futures continue to rally to new all-time highs in a choppy, low volume environment; and we continue to view this market in terms o

Looking at the AUDUSD

Looking at the AUD/USD before Tomorrow's Australian News Release

On Wednesday night, the Employment Change and Unemployment Rate for the Australian Dollar will be released at 8:30 pm New York time.   Historically


A Look at the GBP vs the JPY-10.16.17

Today I take a look at the GBP vs.

Danny’s View: Big Week For Earnings

Danny’s View: Big Week for Earnings on Monday 10.16.17

As the equity markets continue to climb, the S&P has really become a ‘one-sided’ market. With volume so low, selling just doesn't work.

Danny Riley on the CME trading floor

How High is too High?

I know most every trader out there wants to see more volatility, increased ranges and higher volume. This may not happen for a long time.

Friday's Nasdaq Technical View

Friday's Nasdaq Technical View

Our readers know that the S&P 500 is our specialty when we cover the equity index markets.

Trading Currencies Potential USDJPY Move

Trading Currencies Potential USD/JPY Move

Today is full of market reports - red, orange and yellow.  The red reports kick off at 8:30 am New York time and include the following releases:

Is a Dovish Rate Hike Enough?

Inflation is either coming back soon, or it’s not.


Looking at EUR vs USD between now and the End of the Week: 10.12.17

This video, Andrew Keene, CEO of Alpha Shark Trading, looks at the possible ways to trade the EUR vs the USD between now and the end of the week. 

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