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Russia Matters More Than Tweets

This week, President Trump again took to Twitter and his 59.4 million followers, of which I’m sure members of OPEC are included, to try and talk down...

Quarter End Today- Look Out For Window Dressing

The end of each quarter is a time of the year when prices often ignore technical and fundamental factors. Dominant market participants who manage...

T+2 Market Outlook

T+2 Market Outlook

Overnight, In Asia 6 out of 12 stock markets closed lower with the Nikkei down 1.61%, and in Europe today, 10 out of 13 stock markets are currently...

Brexit And Trade Will Push Markets Around Over The Coming Weeks

Now that the Mueller investigation is out of the way in the US, the political focus will begin to focus on the 2020 Presidential election. The race...

Wednesday Morning's Market Briefing

Wednesday Morning's Market Briefing

Headlines that affect the markets remain similar this week as in previous weeks. In Europe continuing deliberations over the Brexit plan accompanied...

Copper And The Pulse Of Trade Negotiations

Dr. Copper is a bellwether commodity that takes the pulse of the global economy at times. These days, no issue facing economic conditions around the...

Currency Charts This Week

Currency Charts This Week

AUDUSD The daily AUDUSD shows that price is at an ATR (red plus sign) and the six-hour chart shows that the prior ATR level did not offer resistance...

A Perfect Bullish Storm For Gold?

The trend in the gold market has been bullish since it hit a low at $1161.40 per ounce in mid-August 2018. The yellow metal has been making higher...

A New Weight on Equity Markets

Traders and active investors should take note of Friday's selloff. It wasn’t just the almost 200 point drop in the NASDAQ, the 54 handle fall in the...

Natural Gas At The End Of The Withdrawal Season

The beginning of the 2018/2019 peak season for natural gas demand was a time when price volatility increased dramatically. The price spiked to its...

Oil Needed A Pullback

The price of crude oil had a rough time over the final three months of 2018. The price of nearby West Texas Intermediate crude oil dropped from a...

U.S. China Trade Deal feels like a Camera Trick

We’ve all seen movies or videos where they employ a camera trick of moving the destination further and further away just as the subject approaches it...

Danny's Post-FOMC View

Post-FOMC Market View from MrTopStep

Well, yesterday on FOMC day everything went as planned...at least somewhat. The Fed pretty much did what they had been suggesting that they were...

The Fed Speaks

On Wednesday, March 20, the Federal Open Market Committee of the US Federal Reserve delivered their message about the path of monetary policy. Last...

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