Potential SP 500 Trade Setups :October 9th

Potential SP 500 Trade Setups :October 9th


strik00 Futures look very weak today after opening up at a new all time high and thinking the price action and price momentum will carry on throughout the rest of the week.  We have alreay sold off about 5 points from the all-time highs and the more selling pressure we have today the better chance I think we have that the market can move lower between now and the end of the week.

Using the Ichimoku Cloud technical indicator, we are comparing a number of time frames with the 12 minute bearish, the 30 minute bearish, the 60 minute currently neutral and the 120 minute is bullish.

In this video I explore different ways I can look to get short the S&P 500 Futures between now and the end of the week.  It all depends on how much I think the stock market could sell off. What binary strikes that look to be in potential play based on the SP500 are the 2559.50 strike, the 2547.50 strike, the 2535.50 strike and the 2511.50 if you thought the market could really take a tumble.


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