OPEC's Plans Impacted By US Oil Boom

OPEC's Plans Impacted By US Oil Boom
OPEC's Plans Impacted By US Oil Boom
OPEC's Plans Impacted By US Oil Boom CNNMoney

The US oil boom (courtesy of shale oil and fracking) continues to disrupt the world's traditional oil markets' balance. This is the kind of stuff that must keep OPEC up at night.

'Colossal' American oil boom could spoil OPEC's plans' she becomes an sector psycholgist and explains what OPEC's fears are abased on:

The oil cartel and key ally Russia have spent more than a year trying to drain the world of excess supply. But the International Energy Agency warned Tuesday that a "colossal" oil boom in the United States could ruin their efforts.

The Paris-based agency said that a massive increase in output means the U.S. will soon be producing more oil than Saudi Arabia. It could soon challenge Russia for the global crown.
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