Stocks React To Inflation Pressures

Stocks React To Inflation Pressures
Stocks React To Inflation Pressures
Stocks React To Inflation Pressures USA TODAY

Stocks turned lower today after data showing January consumer price inflation was stronger than expected. The equiteis markets shrugged that information off and rose.

In Stocks turn higher despite rise in inflation pressures by Adam Shell of USA TODAY  he reports:

While the consumer price index, or CPI, isn't normally a must-see number on Wall Street after years of tame inflation, it is once again on traders' radar after a report earlier this month showed hourly wage inflation at its highest level since 2009. That sparked fears that inflation -- and interest rates -- are on the move higher, a trend shift that sparked the recent market turbulence.

Fears of rising inflation was reinforced Wednesday when CPI rose at a faster-than-expected 2.1% annual pace, above the 1.9% Wall Street had forecast.

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