Activision Blizzard's Destiny Franchise Destined to Fail?

Activision Blizzard's Destiny Franchise Destined to Fail?
Activision Blizzard's Destiny Franchise Destined to Fail?
Activision Blizzard's Destiny Franchise Destined to Fail?

You do not have to be a gamer or have ever needed to play Destiny to have heard time and time again from friends or family the major let down Destiny was for them, again. Although Destiny 2 put up better than expected release numbers with some more than fair reviews, the player base is dropping significantly which is sparking questions from investors.

“Is Destiny heading down a path towards irrelevance?”

When the first Destiny was released in 2014, customers complained majorly about the delivery of content or lack thereof. You would think a company as big as Activision would have addressed that in their sequel, however, the product had not met customer expectations making Destiny 2 a consumer failure and expect more implications against the franchise for the future.

Keith Noonan wrote in the Motley Fool

One of the takeaways here is that the Destiny franchise once again debuted a major installment that was lacking in content. Some reports suggest that the Destiny 2 project was dramatically retooled late in development, which would do a lot to explain that deficiency. However, the objections from players are not limited to the game being light on things to do. Customers also seem to be dissatisfied with changes to the fundamental gameplay experience -- things like how fast players move, character attributes, and enemy variety. 

Overall, the user base seems to want the game's developer to revert the game's mechanics closer to those of its franchise predecessor. Activision President and Chief Operating Officer Coddy Johnson noted during the last earnings call that the game's developer has made changes to the experience and said they have been positively received by the player base, but that doesn't seem to be the case -- even as more dramatic updates have been rolled out.

With a new content pack release, this May for Destiny, the probability of add-on packs selling in the $20-$30 range is looking much weaker the unhappy the player base gets. 

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