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A “Symmetric” Approach to Inflation Increases Volatility In Stocks

By Andrew Hecht - July 16, 2018


Nadex Weekly Market Outlook for the E-mini S&P 500

Jim Prince with GBE, the Greatest Business on Earth, reviews the September emini S&P 500 for the upcoming trading week. He takes a close look at...

The S&P 500 - Another Failure at 2800?

The S&P 500 - Another Failure at 2800?

Last week, we expected the S&P 500 and other equity indices to have a quiet beginning this week with a bias to the upside.  Yesterday certainly...

Trade Tariffs and Exposure to China Could Lead Aussie Lower.

Asian markets were rocked last night by the news the US President was releasing details on a new round of tarrifs to levy against China. The total...

Bank of Canada Rate Announcement

Bank Of Canada Rate Announcement Today

The Bank of Canada will release their Overnight Rate, Monetary Policy Report and Rate Statement today at 10:00 am New York time.  The consensus is...

Scanning Forex for Upcoming Moves

Scanning Forex for Upcoming Moves

With ten forex pairs to look at and trade, deciding which forex pairs to focus on for a trade setup can be overwhelming at times.  However, if using...

Opportunities in Sterling and Indices to Start the Week

Markets digested last week's Non-farm payrolls report in the United States well, and shares in Asia moved sharply higher this morning. For a holiday...

Euro Strength Reappearing

Very much under the radar, the euro has put in a solid rally. The common currency of the EU started off 2018 with a 4.3% rally only to fall 8.3% from...

Chinese Stocks Can Be More Volatile Than Commodities

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The question that has posed a dilemma for philosophers, scientists, and laypeople throughout history. The...

Bitcoin in Recovery Mode as Fundamentals Improve

After a shocking fall from record highs, bitcoin looks far more stable at current pricing than the market has seen in some time. Demand is improving...

Attention Turns to Earnings after Today's NFP

Attention Turns to Earnings after Today's NFP

The so-called “trade wars’ have been grabbing economic headlines over the last few months and more intensely in the past few weeks, and they only...

Critical 24 Hours for Stocks Has Begun

The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished up 181.92 points yesterday (+.75%), the S&P 500 up 23.39 points (+.86%) and the NASDAQ was up 83.75...

U.S. Stocks- The Volatility Continues

The second quarter and first half of 2018 came to an end last Friday, and the S&P 500 posted a 2.93 percent gain for the three month period and...

U.S. Equity Indices Experience Unimpressive July Open

U.S. Equity Indices Experience Unimpressive July Open

The U.S. equity indices did see a modest lift going into the end of June, as we expected, but the rally was far from impressive. This week since...

Non Farm Payrolls Could Move Dollar Higher

As the second half of the year gets ramped into full swing, we expect a positive non-farm payroll report that should be constructive for the dollar,...

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