What's Moving The Markets

Silver Technicals Provide Clues

Silver can be a highly volatile precious metal. The silver market has a long history of much more substantial percentage gains and losses than in...

The Path Of The Path Of Crude Oil Could Depend On A Decision In Washington DC

After falling to a low at $42.36 on the nearby contract at the end of December, the price of crude oil recovered and reached its most recent peak at...

USDCAD Mid-Week Analysis

USDCAD Mid-Week Analysis

After a substantial move up for the last couple of weeks, the USDCAD is starting to fall again.  The weekly USDCAD shows that price has reached the...

Gold Threatens Its Bullish Trend And Survives As Volatility Returns To Stocks

After reaching a high at $1349.80 on February 20, the nearby gold futures contract came tumbling down. Gold had been on a corrective journey and...

Brexit Vote and GBPUSD

Brexit Vote Today Could Cause Excessive Volatility

As discussed during the Sunday evening Forex Breakdown, the GBPUSD has retraced up to the ATR (a 200 pip move).  Will it continue upwards? The daily...

An Ominous Week In Stocks

After the rally in the stock market that began at the end of December, the carnage that gripped markets during the fourth quarter of 2018 began to...

Mario Draghi And The ECB Soar Like Doves

On Thursday, March 7, the markets heard from the President of the European Central Bank. Mario Draghi and the ECB have been far behind their...

Keep an Eye on Refinery Utilization

Every week like clockwork, The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) puts out the Weekly Petroleum Status Report. The two main parts of this...

Thursday's Market Briefing

Thursday's Market Briefing

Yesterday, the negotiations continued between China and the U.S. over a trade deal while the EU and Great Britain continued their deliberations over...

Thoughts On The Latest Beige Book Report From The US Federal Reserve

The US central bank releases its Beige Book eight times each year, and it is a collection of data on economic activity and conditions from the...

Wednesday Morning's Market Outlook

Wednesday Morning's Market Outlook

Earlier this week, U.S. stock markets saw a significant drop to open the week, but then stabilized going into Monday afternoon. Yesterday was a...

Crude Oil Is Holding Around The Recent High

Over recent trading sessions we have seen selling in gold, copper backed off from its short-term high, the dollar has been edging higher, and stocks...

Where will the GBPUSD go next?

Where Will the GBPUSD Go Next?

As discussed in the Sunday evening Forex Breakdown, the GBPUSD has almost completed the retracement down to the ATR on the daily chart.  The big...

Bank of Canada Rate Announcement and Scenarios for the USDCAD

Bank of Canada Rate Announcement Tomorrow

The Bank of Canada Rate Announcement typically creates extreme volatility immediately after the announcement.  Currently the Overnight Rate is at 1....

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