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Bitcoin- A Different Kind of Year in 2018

By Andrew Hecht - February 19, 2018

Groundhog Day- Planting Season is Coming Soon

On Friday, February 2 it was Groundhog Day. Each year, in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania at Gobbler's Knob a groundhog names Phil wakes from hibernation...


Weekly Technical Trade Plan for S&P 500

Jack Gleason founder of Major League Trading.com reviews his trade plan focusing on the S&P 500 market this week identifying trading levels that...

AUD/USD - Ready For Some Swings

AUD/USD traders are most likely in for some tough swings over the next week or so.  The currency has hit strong Support, and indicators are in the...

Previewing The British CPI Release

This week brings an intriguing update on inflation data in the United Kingdom with the consumer pricing index (CPI) being released on Tuesday. Last...

Is the Bottom In?

Is the Bottom In?

Equity index traders who have been saying for the past year that they wanted volatility have had their wishes granted over the past two weeks.  Last...

The VIX was at the Bottom End of its Range

The VIX is a volatility index that uses the implied volatility of a wide range of S&P 500 index options to provide a picture of the market’s...

The Bitcoin Case Gets Stronger

On February 6th the U.S. Senate banking committee held a hearing in which Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton and Commodity...

Watch the Weekly Index Close

Watch the Weekly Index Close

For traders who enjoy volatility, this week’s performance in the equity index futures markets has not disappointed.  As we head into Friday’s regular...

The End Of The Oil Rally?

As global markets have been rocked by volatility related turmoil, crude oil markets in the US have had their own shot of wild swings with a popular...

Question: Is The Panic Selloff Over?

There are 2 sure-fire ways to recognize if rapidly falling prices in the equity markets is an orderly correction or a panic selloff. The first is,...

Russell 2K Technical View

Russell 2K Technical View

As specialists in equity futures, we examine multiple index markets, looking to find an edge.  This is especially true during these times of higher...

European Stocks Await Word From The ECB

The recent price action in stocks could be a sign that the equities market is changing. U.S. stocks moved higher, almost in a straight line for two...

Cryptocurrency Struggle

The cryptocurrency markets have gone from bestseller to dud in a matter of weeks and it all came down to a shift in government and regulator...

S&P 500 Mid-Week Technical View

S&P 500 Mid-Week Technical View

Monday’s historic sell-off in equity futures left us with a “wait-and-see” attitude yesterday, letting another day play out before approaching a...

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