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USD Took One On The Chin – Ready For Round Two?

By Theodore Kekstadt - November 20, 2017

Has Crude Found Support at $55?

Has Crude Found Support at $55?

Crude oil futures have been developing a fundamental picture that is more bullish (or less bearish) of late, rallying since the June low of $42.05 to...

Trading the USDJPY Using Multiple Timeframes

Using Multiple Timeframes for Identifying USDJPY Direction

The USDJPY is historically one of the most actively traded forex pairs.  Although the pair can be quite volatile during any market session, including...

Forex Trading Plan for this Week

Forex Trading Plan for this Week

This week's forex trading plan includes the Euro pairs, USDCHF, and USDJPY as the charts indicate they have strong trends on the 240-minute chart. ...

S&P 500 Technical View for November 14th

Technical Outlook View for S&P 500 on November 14th

With more volatility entering the equity index markets over the last two weeks, the weekly range in the S&P 500 futures has been broader than in...


Market Trade Plan for the Week of November 13th, 2017

Monday mid-day, Jack Gleason founder of Major League Trading.com reviews his trade plan for the coming week beginning on November 13th, 2017,...


Strategy for the S&P 500 until End of the Week

Looking for the S&P 500 Futures to move higher between now and the end of the week as the market is in a clear technical Bull Channel. Not really...

Currency Technical Outlook for the Week

 The Greenback has had a nice prolonged show of strength the past couple of months.  This week the market is set to put the USD to the test.  USDCHF...

Danny's View: Options Expiration Week

Tax Reform Uncertainty Impacting Stock Indices

Stock markets are no doubt being overshadowed by the tax reform package and with good reason.  The proposed reform brings up a lot of questions.  ...

Global Measures of Price in Focus for S&P 500

After a week of virtually no economic data, preceded by a week with a full of data we come to a week again filled with useful economic data. Earnings...

S&P 500 - Still a Dip Buyer's Market?

S&P 500 - Still a Dip Buyer's Market?

Our readers know that we have had a strong conviction about buying dips on the S&P 500 futures. Our broader view is that this bull market is...

Where are the US Indices Likely to Go?

Where are the US Indices Likely to Go?

Although the US indices have been in a significant uptrend, with very little downward movement, since September, there are signs that a new...

Does the Saudi Purge affect Crude Oil

This past weekend, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who was put in charge of an anti-corruption task force by his father, King Salman bin...


Potential Bounce Again in SP 500

After the huge downswing in the stock market this morning, we continue to see buyers coming into the market for support. My belief is that the funds...

Digging Up Profits in Gold

Gold, Bitcoin, bitcoin gold? I had to throw it in to start the article. Personally, I think the bitcoin circus show is amusing but let's save that...

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