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Bitcoin Outlook for This Week

By Jason Pfaff - August 13, 2018

CoinDesk's Consensus Conference Will Drive Bitcoin's Price

CoinDesk is the leading digital media, events and information services company for the crypto asset and blockchain technology community. Its mandate...

U.S. Stocks Look Like More Volatility Is Coming

After an 11.5% move to the downside in the S&P 500 index during the first six weeks of 2016, stocks were off to the races on the upside. Over a...

Candlestick Patterns on these 5 Currencies

Candlestick Patterns to Watch for On Weekly Charts

Currently there are five currencies that may be developing a three bar pivot candlestick pattern on the weekly charts.  A three bar pivot candlestick...


June E-mini S&P 500 Market Outlook Video

Jim Prince with GBE, the Greatest Business on Earth, in this video shares his review of the June e-mini S&P 500 for the upcoming trade week. He...

Low-Volume Grind Continues

Low-Volume Grind Continues for Stock Indices

Danny’s View: Only 1 million S&P 500 futures traded on Friday. It seems like the higher the ESM18 goes, the lower the volume is. The 7-day...

Can 'Blockchain Week' Push Bitcoin Past $10,000?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences and attendees flood New York City this week, in what has been dubbed “Blockchain Week” over the past few...

Soybean Volatility Could Get Wild

Soybeans came into the 2018 crop year in the northern hemisphere on a bullish note. Drought conditions in Argentina lifted the price of soybeans and...

Beware The Death Cross in The Euro

Andrew Smith is credited with saying "People fear what they don't understand." People also fear things with scary names and a technical analysis...

What to Expect on a Friday

Stock Market: What to Expect on a Friday

Yesterday, U.S. stock market indices continued their march higher. The S&P 500 futures charged above 2700, making its highest close since March...

These Currencies Are Likely Starting Retracements

These Currencies Are Likely Starting Retracements

Markets tend to move with support and resistance and this is especially true of the forex market.  Once price moves up, then it is likely to test for...

The Euro-GBP Exchange Rate as Brexit Moves Forward

In 1973, the United Kingdom joined the European Economic Community (EEC), after French leader, Charles de Gaulle resigned from office in 1969. In...

S&P 500 Aiming for 2700

S&P 500 Aiming for the 2700 Level?

Overnight, global stock markets in Asia and Europe were quiet and mixed, but that didn’t stop the U.S indices from rallying, with the S&P 500...

Trump Pulls Out

President Trump announced in a televised address yesterday afternoon that the U.S. would be pulling out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,...

Weekly Review of the US Stock Indices

Weekly Review of the US Stock Indices

The US Stock indices are moving higher to potentially test the resistance areas on the weekly charts.  The important question is whether they can...

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