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A Dizzying Array of Market Worries

By Bob Iaccino - October 15, 2018

Silver Has A Mind of Its Own

Silver and gold are precious metals joined at the hip for over five thousand years. Back in 3000 BC, the first Egyptian Pharaoh Menes declared that...

This Week's MrTopStep Wrap-Up

This Week's Market Wrap-Up with MrTopStep

This week saw a sizable dip in the equity futures in the overnight session before Tuesday's open with the S&P 500 (ES)down 50 handles.  However,...

Is the Aussie Dollar Ready For a Tumble?

The AUDUSD pair has been under significant pressure lately, and we see a bearish case devloping quickly that could thrust the pair into much lower...

GBPUSD Range Bound

GBPUSD Range Bound

Although the GBPUSD has recently made new lows, the Stochastics on the 240-minute chart is currently indicating potential trend divergence and is...

EUR/USD : Bearish Momentum Slowing

The trend for the EUR/USD remains under pressure, but Bearish momentum is slowing.  Fundamentally there is little to support the market.  ECB policy...

Cumulative Delta Volume Bars

Reading Cumulative Delta Volume to Identify the Next Move

The Multicharts Cumulative Delta Volume Analysis charting option plots buyers versus sellers as a candlestick formation, very similar to a...

Natural Gas at Key Inflection Point

Natural Gas closed above the pivotal $3.00 level to close last week, a price important for both psychological and technical reasons. On Friday, price...

The Euro Currency’s Kicks Into High Gear

In the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, central banks around the world slashed short-term interest rates to unprecedented levels. The...

OPEC Meeting In Vienna May Surprise

While the very first subject covered on June 22 at the Russia/OPEC meeting in Vienna may be the 5-0 thrashing Russia put on Saudi Arabia in the world...

The Euro Cap holds

Earlier this week in a post dated June 11th and titled “The Euro May Have a Temporary Cap” which can be found here, we wrote “The ECB, on the other...

ECB Rocks Markets, Euro Moves Starkly Lower

King Dollar reigns on most days, but yesterday, the euro took center stage. Global financial markets seemed to pause for a moment as the  European...

U.S. Stocks Become a Trading Rather Than Investment Market

The first six weeks of 2016 were a time of correction in the stock market as the decline in Chinese equities weighed on markets around the globe....

Still Looking for the Modest Mid-Month Pullback

Still Looking for the Modest Mid-Month Pullback

Yesterday we said that we expected U.S. equity futures to pull back modestly this week as mid-month rebalancing takes place. Following the FOMC...

USD/JPY: Bears Are Ripe To Pounce

USD/JPY Bears are lurking in the shadows and are ripe to pounce.  Many fundamental factors are stirring the pot.  Current FOMC speculation is a...

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