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Natural Gas at Key Inflection Point

By Jason Pfaff - June 18, 2018

Bitcoin Takes A Backseat But Offers Incredible Opportunities for Traders

Bitcoin was flying high throughout 2017, as the price moved from $1000 at the start of the year to highs of $19000 during the final month. The market...

What Goes down must come up!

Did you think volatility (vol) would stay low forever? In a post dated March 15th, 2018 that can be found here we wrote "So far in 2018, the daily...

Watch Today's FOMC Minutes

Watch Today's FOMC Minutes

Each day we continue to see the market’s response to headline risk, which often surrounds the Trump Administration.  Trade wars with China are still...

Trading Crude Light

Trading Crude Light Prior to Report

Overnight Crude has made new highs but will it be short-lived when the US market opens this morning?  The price bars are indicating that it will...

Forex Daily Outlook

Forex Daily Outlook

The daily forex outlook identifies markets that are trending and likely to continue to do so, as well as markets that may be setting up for a...

The Impact of Tariffs on the Australian Dollar

Australia is a country that has incredible reserves of natural resources as well as fertile soil and weather conditions that make it a significant...

International Winds Blow in Competing Directions in Oil Markets

Event risk is nothing new for oil traders. Key data, unpredictable news events, or changes in economic conditions can happen at any time creating a...

USD/CAD : Starting To Plunge

Things are heating up for the USD/CAD trade, and the Bears have started the plunge.  Fundamentally there is still strong pessimism over the NAFTA...

Danny's View: S&P 500 Out of Control

S&P 500 Price Movement Out of Control

The PitBull (Marty Schwartz) taught me to look out for 9-to-1 ratio down days for the stock market. This happens when the stock index markets ...

Mr Zuckerberg Goes to Washington

Q1 2018 Earnings season begins this week, and the 17% blended earnings growth rate that analysts are expecting could be secondary to the sideshow of...

European Rates Have To Go Higher Eventually

The global financial crisis of 2008 caused central banks around the world to dig deep into their monetary policy toolboxes to come up with solutions...

This Too Shall Pass

The trade war is starting to remind me of the scene from the Austin Powers film starring Mike Meyers. The scene I'm referring to is the one in which...

Yen Outlook for Next Week

With volatility in global markets lurching up, and news flow delivering increasing levels of uncertainty, it could be an eventful and potentially...

Keep An Eye On The Headline News

Keep An Eye On The Headline News

One of the things that can derail any attempt at a U.S. equity rally is headline news, and right now that means anything related to the U.S. and...

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