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A “Symmetric” Approach to Inflation Increases Volatility In Stocks

By Andrew Hecht - July 16, 2018

Non-Farm Employement Change

Upcoming Non-Farm Employment Change Report

The Non-Farm Employment Change is typically released the first Friday of the month at 8:30 am New York time.  For forex traders, it is one of the...

Natural Gas Could Be Headed Lower On Weather and Production Concerns

Natural Gas closed lower to end last week, and starts this week at a critical inflection point. A close below 2.885 today brings in significant...


Nadex Weekly Market Outlook for the EURUSD

Jim Prince with GBE, the Greatest Business on Earth, once again reviews the EUR/USD FOREX pair for the upcoming trading week. He analyzes key support...

Strong Finish, Strange Week Ahead For Stocks

While last week’s strong finish may have given bull some comfort, they may not want to settle into complacent long positions. The rally was...

OPEC Creates More Volatility in The Oil Market

On Friday, June 22 the oil ministers of OPEC, the international oil cartel met at their bi-annual gathering in Vienna, Austria to come up with a...

What Oil is Telling Us?

Stocks and commodities continue to fall on fears of slower global economic growth from a burgeoning trade war. Crude oil on the other hand, continues...

Bitcoin Bleeds Again But This Time Might Be Different

It was only last November when bitcoin bounced off the $5800 level on the way up to crossing over $19,000 during a meteoric rise crypto traders won’t...

Be Aware of Corn's Seasonal Tendencies

Be Aware of Corn's Seasonal Tendencies

As July approaches, so does a pivotal time of year for grain markets.  During this part of the season, planting numbers have typically been finalized...

MrTopStep S&P 500 Outlook Heading into T+2

MrTopStep S&P 500 Outlook Heading into T+2

U.S. equities have continued to slide this week with the S&P 500 futures seeing a series of lower highs and lower lows since the mid-month high...

Bull Trap on USDCAD

Potential Bull Trap on USDCAD

A bull trap is when sellers are actually enticing the bulls to re-enter the market only to take it down.  Bull traps usually appear at highs and...

Is There a Link Between Bitcoin Price Drops and Bitcoin Futures Expiration?

When bitcoin futures launched late last year as products on major exchanges in the United States, it felt like a pivotal moment. The cryptocurrency...

Areas to Watch on EURUSD

Areas to Watch on EURUSD

Overnight the EURUSD has been moving down but will it continue?  As the chart below shows, the EURUSD has approached the 240-minute ATR at 1.1645. ...

3 Things For Traders To Know About the OPEC Announcement

The price of WTI crude rocketed higher last week as OPEC issued a broad statement announcing an agreement to begin increasing production in response...


Nadex Weekly Market Outlook for the EURUSD

Jim Prince with GBE, the Greatest Business on Earth, shares his review of the EUR/USD FOREX pair on Sunday evening  for the upcoming trading week. He...

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