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Japanese Stocks Are At Highs- Volatility Ahead

Japan has battled its demographic demons for decades. The low birth rate and aging population in the Asian nation have been eating away at...

Danny's View: Take a Deep Breath

Stock Market: It's Time to Take a Deep Breath

Global markets grew jittery in recent days as fears about growth in China took hold. "The larger the stimulus used by China to offset the trade war...

MrTopStep's Mid-Week Equity View

MrTopStep's Mid-Week Equity View

Yesterday marked the fifth day of weakness in U.S. equity futures. The Dow Jones Industrial Average Transportation Index, an index used as a leading...

Divergences on Major Pairs USDJPY

Watch for Candlesticks to Confirm Divergences on these Pairs

There are potential divergences on many forex pairs this morning but they need to be confirmed with candlestick patterns.  The candlestick patterns...

Currencies Set to Move this Week

Currencies Set to Move This Week

The Multicharts Scanner window is showing how active the currencies are this week because there are divergences, oversold and pivot lows everywhere...

Stock Indices On The Move Headed Into Earnings Season

Last week brought a breathtaking move in bond markets, as the yield on the 10 year Treasury in the US broke well above a multi-year trend line lower...

Silver’s Break to the Downside Increases Volatility

The summer of 2018 was an ugly time for the silver market. Silver had been making lower highs and lower lows since trading at the peak of $21.095 per...

Non-Farm Payroll Number Gives the Fed Good Cover

September’s Non-Farm payrolls number (NFP) was released as scheduled on Friday morning and it delivered exactly what the Fed needed, if not what the...

EURUSD Moves Lower on Euro Uncertainty

The US dollar has remained resilient over the last several weeks as markets have moved on a variety of extraordinary headlines. Brexit negotiations...

The Yield Curve Still Matters

This week, a bond selloff took hold led by U.S. Treasuries, raising yields across the globe. In the course of 4 days at the beginning of October, the...

Gold Reacts To The Latest Fed Meeting

On Thursday, September 26 the Federal Open Market Committee of the United States Federal Reserve increased the short-term Fed Funds rate by 25 basis...

MrTopStep's S&P 500 View Heading into NFP

MrTopStep's S&P 500 View Heading into NFP

While the S&P 500 futures have remained within the prior two weeks' range this week, yesterday, price moved from the top of that range to the...

Currencies to Watch Today

What Currencies to Watch Today

The Multicharts Scanner has the ability to show multiple symbols and timeframes within one window.  For example, the AUDUSD is likely oversold on the...

Throw Rocks into the Wettest Paper Bag

Throw Rocks into the Wettest Paper Bag

Traders are often tempted to short a rising equity market; it is probably human nature. Various sentiment indicators that measure retail trading show...

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