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The Japanese Yen Could Respond To Peace In Asia

By Andrew Hecht - May 21, 2018

USD/CAD : Basing Or Plateau Before NAFTA Breakout

  NAFTA negotiations are coming to a head this week, and USD/CAD trading has been winding its coil tight.  After two months of volatility this...

Forex Markets that are Overextended

Forex Markets that are Overextended

The following forex markets are overextended (either oversold or overbought) and will likely retrace back to the ATR in the very near future. In this...

Potential Trouble On The Horizon For The British Pound

Just three months ago in February, at the last installment of the Bank of England’s (BoE) “Super Thursday”, Pound watchers mused that a rate hike...

Inflation, Higher Rates, and Man vs. Machine

Inflation, Higher Rates, and Man vs. Machine

Danny’s View: Why did the equity futures rally so much on Friday? Well, the simple answer is because they could; but the real answer is Berkshire...

Crude oil is Still Looking Bullish at the Highs

On May 4, the price of WTI crude oil climbed to its highest price since 2014 when it traded at $69.97 per barrel. Crude oil has made great strides on...

Crude Bears Have a Venezuela Problem

People often forget how important Venezuela used to be for OPEC. Within the 14 member cartel, Venezuela ranked sixth in production and first in...

Dollar Outlook: Shifting Themes Provide Trading Opportunities

It has been quite a week for the dollar, and it is easy to see how events from this week are in place to be the main trading themes for next week....

Watch Out For the Early Weekend

Watch Out For the Early Weekend

Yesterday, the equity futures took a nose-dive early in the session, with the S&P 500 futures trading down below 2600 for the first time since...

Wake Up! It's Payrolls Friday

If you haven't been up for hours and hours already and had at least two bulletproof coffees or a caffeinated tea, then can you possibly be a real...

End of Week Forex Review

End of Week Forex Review

Many of the USD currencies are overextended on the Stochastics and are likely to retrace either after the Non-Farm Employment Numbers are released or...

Predicting The Unpredictable

Predicting The Unpredictable

I really get the feeling something big and bad is going to happen to the equity markets. After the major stock indexes made all-time highs in January...

What the Fed Means By Symmetric

A couple of takeaways from the Fed's statement after the close of the 2-day FOMC meeting; They removed any references to the "near-term" risks being...

EUR/USD : Downside Breakout Sets New Tone

The EUR/USD made a Downside Breakout to set a new tone for direction.  This currency has been in a very tough range trade for over three months. ...

Index Futures Musical Chairs

Stock Index Futures Musical Chairs

Monday’s trade was to buy bonds and sell equities. Yesterday, the spread was to buy the Nasdaq and sell the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Clearly,...

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