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Copper and Trade Talks

By Bob Iaccino - September 17, 2018

FOMC Statement Reveals a Hint

You wouldn't know it by now, but there was an FOMC this week. They left rates alone in an 8-0 vote and release an official statement. It didn't get a...

Why Iran Is Going To Cause Lots of Volatility in Crude Oil

In 1979 the face of the Middle East changed when the Islamic Revolution deposed the Shah of Iran and replaced his rule with a theocracy. Most...

Summer is Winding Down, But Will the Bulls Stay?

Summer is Winding Down, But Will the Bulls Stay?

The S&P 500 and other equity index futures were weak yesterday with selling extending into the overnight session, and the S&P 500 ( ESU18)...

Which Target Rate Announcement to Trade?

Which Target Rate Announcement to Trade?

The FOMC is scheduled to release the Federal Funds Rate Wednesday at 2:00 pm EDT and, on Thursday at 7:00 am EDT, the BoE will be announcing the...

USD/CAD : Hunting For New Move Lows

The USD/CAD Bears are pressing Support, and hunting for new move Lows.  Fundamentally the USD has been very strong pressing the Dollar rally, but...

Bitcoin Outlook for This Week : Crypto Surges Higher

Bitcoin continues to flash a noble resilience as it works its way higher in both up and down news cycles, and through light and heavy volume. Late...

And Now it’s Up To Apple

On Thursday Facebook got crushed to the tuned of -17% and -$199 billion in market capitalization, but it was worse intraday, with a low of  $173.75...

Tariffs Create Lots of Opportunities In Commodities

Commodities are efficient economic assets. In a perfect world where there are no barriers to the flow of raw materials around the world, supply and...

GDP Growth Prints at 4.1% and the Market Moves in Response

All eyes were on the GDP print out of the United States as it hit the wires this morning. The data that was released will most certainly be...

Survival of the FAANGest

Facebook (the “F” in FAANG) lost close to $120 billion in market value on Thursday, the largest such fall in history, falling 24% intraday and...

Markets Headed For Volatility as US GDP is Released

Once upon a time, the advance release of Gross Domestic Product in the United States would dominate the talk around markets for the week of the...

End of the Month Equity View with MrTopStep

End of the Month Equity View with MrTopStep

Yesterday, the S&P 500, which had already been pushing to new multi-month highs, got a boost from headline algorithmic buying late in the session...

MrTopStep is Going to Keep Going with What Works

MrTopStep is Going to Keep Going with What Works

For more than a month now, MrTopStep has been suggesting that the earnings season would carry the U.S. equity markets higher, and that dip buy...

Identifying Divergences on GBPUSD

Identifying Divergences on GBPUSD

The GBPUSD 720 minute chart has a potential hidden divergence forming at the ATR (plus sign above price).  This is an indication that the market is...

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