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Precious Metals Look Great When They Are Rising- Will It Be For Real This Time?

Precious metals love to intoxicate investors and traders on the upside and the downside. In mid-August 2018, when the dollar index rose to a higher...

Turning the Calendar Page

Turning the Calendar Page

The headline this week has been corporate earnings in the U.S., including Facebook, which soared to record profits when it reported yesterday, and...

The Fed Lights A Bullish Fuse Under the Markets

On Wednesday, while the Midwestern US has caught in the grips of a polar vortex that sent temperatures down to lows of negative 50 degrees, the...

Don't Sleep on this Price Action

Don't Sleep on this Price Action

Earlier this week, Caterpillar reported earnings, and as we expected, the result was somewhat bearish - CAT took a plunge, taking the stock market...

An Economic Barometer Is Just Sitting and Waiting for The Next Shoe to Drop

The Fed looks at economic data when it comes to their short-term interest rate decisions. Many market participants have indicators that drive their...

FOMC and US Indices

FOMC and US Indices

The CME FedWatch tool shows the current target rate probability for the Federal Funds Rate at 98.9%.  However, traders will be closely analyzing the...

Overview of the British Pound Currencies

GBPUSD The GBPUSD weekly chart indicates that price is approaching a resistance area (red dot) and the Stochastics is indicating that the market is...

The Most Bearish Signal For The Dollar Is That It Has Not Rallied

The most significant factor when it comes to the path of least resistance of the dollar versus the euro and other world currencies is traditionally...

The Avalanche of Shutdown Data

The U.S. government produces the economic data that many traders and investors rely on to make decisions on allocation of capital and risk. Companies...

Gold Makes A Bullish Reversal On The Weekly Chart, And So Does Silver

On Friday, January 25, the gold market moved from a low that was just above the low for 2019 and traded to a new high for the year that was above the...

Venezuela Could Change the Crude Oil Market In The Long-Term

The Venezuelan economy has been deteriorating. History teaches that holding onto political power when inflation is running at one million percent is...

What to Pay Attention to Heading into Next Week

What to Pay Attention to Heading into Next Week

On the earnings front, Procter & Gamble beat expectations yesterday as Q4 earnings continue to come in without alarm. However, companies concerns...

Silver Needs To Hold $15- Or Does It?

Silver has lagged the price performance in gold since the yellow metal hit its low at $1161.40 per ounce in mid-August. At the low, gold was still $...

Was Yesterday's Selling a Sign of More to Come?

Was Yesterday's Selling a Sign of More to Come?

Yesterday, U.S. equity indices opened lower and were weaker through the morning, and sellers gained traction as headlines broke that Trump had...

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