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A “Symmetric” Approach to Inflation Increases Volatility In Stocks

By Andrew Hecht - July 16, 2018

Is the USDJPY Setting Up for a Major Fall?

Is the USDJPY Setting Up for a Major Fall Amid Trade Wars?

Tomorrow kicks off the G7 summit in Canada.  The summit will likely create volatility in the markets as trade relations and tarriffs will be...

S&P 500 Mid-Week Levels to Keep An Eye On

S&P 500 Mid-Week Levels to Keep An Eye On

The S&P 500 (ESM18) futures, along with the other U.S. equity index futures, have been rallying this week with the ESM18 trading at its highest...

Between Rate Hikes and Trade Drama, Gold Could Be On The Move

Gold has been largely subdued in the last several trading sessions.The twin dynamics of a looming interest rate hike in the US next week keeps a firm...

Gold Makes A New Low For 2018 and Rebounds

Technical resistance in the gold market is at the July 2016 high of $1377.50, the price of the yellow metal traded in the aftermath of the shock of...

Nat Gas May Have a Rally in it Yet

As anyone can see in the two charts below, price completely diverged from the seasonality by staying in a tight range. As the weather is the single...

Natural Gas Markets Are Heating Up

With plunging seasonal inventories and escalating demand, the dynamics are in place for the potential of a bullish run in natural gas prices. With...

China / U.S. Trade Wars Hit New Lows

China / U.S. Trade Wars Hit New Lows

Our View: On Friday, the S&P rallied, crude oil prices closed down 3%, and the dollar rose on better-than-expected U.S. employment data, which...

Bitcoin’s Image Growth While Its Price Shrinks

The ascent of Bitcoin shock many as the rise from 6 cents in 2010 to highs of $19,343.04 in December 2017 was unprecedented in any asset class. The...

Is the GBPJPY primed for an explosive breakout?

In the last 8 days traders have seen major market moves in the GBPJPY moving over 145 pips six out of either days.  This includes a 240 pip and 300...

Bitcoin Technical Analysis For Next Week

Since hitting around $9800 on May 4th, bitcoin has tumbled down to around $7,000, and is now trading in the mid $7500’s. Bitcoin price has carved a...

Time to Keep an Eye on Deutsche Bank?

Time to Keep an Eye on Deutsche Bank?

Yesterday, the stock markets were back in sell mode for the end of the month.  The S&P 500 futures once again tested the 2700 area, but this time...

EU Italian And Spanish Turmoil Feeds Bearish Appetites

The EUR/USD is pressing 6-month Lows amidst Italian and Spanish political turmoil.  This currency cross is overrun with fundamental influences...

Employment Day Preview

Today’s nonfarm payrolls number may already be out as you read this but know that it is being written prior to the release of the number so we’ll...

After Surprise Inflation Reading, More Volatility Ahead For the Euro

After touching muti-month lows earlier in the week, the euro has seen a mild rebound in global forex markets over the last 24 hours. That has helped...

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