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The Japanese Yen Could Respond To Peace In Asia

By Andrew Hecht - May 21, 2018

Swiss Francs Are As Good As Gold

There are many currencies around the world that rely on the full faith and credit of the countries that print the notes and bills that are a means of...

Keep An Eye on Facebook Today

Keep An Eye on Facebook Today

Facebook’s earnings after yesterday’s stock market close were extremely positive, causing the stock to rally as much as 15% at one point in post-...

ECB Waits for Inflation

The ECB released their monetary policy statement on time this morning as always, and also as always, the market didn't care as they waited for the...

3 Reasons Why Stocks Were Sold Yesterday

3 Reasons Why Stocks Were Sold Yesterday

Yesterday’s stock market sell-off was due to three culprits: CAT earnings 10-year Treasury Yield End-of-month rebalancing. Although Caterpillar (CAT...

Nasdaq Weekly Pattern

Nasdaq Weekly Pattern Shows More Downward Action

The Nasdaq weekly chart is showing a potential for more downward market action but the daily is showing a potential for retracement today.  Last...

This is What Peak Earnings Looks Like

The last time earnings were this strong, or at least as strong as they have been so far, the stock market was coming off of a strong rally. The S...

Forex Overview for the Week

Forex Overview for the Week

This week both the Euro and Yen have major releases that will affect those currencies: Euro Minimum Bid Rate and ECB Press Conference, Thursday at 7:...

USD/CAD - Bullish Momentum Building

Rising treasury yields and interest rates are the two fundamental variables that have the USD/CAD Bulls off and running.  Is the recent rally a...

British Stocks As The Divorce From Europe Progresses

In June 2016, the United Kingdom shocked the world by voting to part ways with the European Union. The Brexit referendum sent markets across all...

A Significant Move In Silver Is Long Overdue

Silver has a long history of wide price variance. Since 1980, the precious metal has traded in a range from $3.505 to $50.36. The long-term silver...


Weekly Market Outlook E-mini S P 500

Jim Prince with GBE, the Greatest Business on Earth, in this video shares his review of the June e-mini S&P 500 for the upcoming trade week. He...

Earnings and Politics

February was a bad month for stocks with the S&P approximately -3.9% and the forming of a 2018 low at 2532.69 which put it -11.8% from the all-...

When will Gold Breakout?

Gold has remained steadfastly range bound through early 2018. Low volatility has prevailed as markets await interest rate decisions by the Fed,...

Will Earnings Carry the S&P?

Will Earnings Carry the S&P?

With about 1/3rd of the S&P 500 stocks having reported first quarter earnings and an increase in the S&P 500 forward estimate for 2018, the...

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