What's Moving The Markets

Long-Dated Yields Finally Jump

Its breakout week for longer-dated yields as we saw the 10-year note yield move comfortably above 3% and the 30-year bond yield moved to its highest...

The Quad Witch Price Action

The Quad Witch Price Action

This week in the United States is the time of the quarterly quad witching when futures contracts, futures options, stock options, and single stock...

Danny's Mid Week View

S&P 500 Market Mid-Week Outlook

The S&P 500 (ES) looked bad Monday night after the Trump vs. China tariff warnings, but it could not have looked better Tuesday morning. It's all...

USDCHF and USDJPY Retracements or Change in Direction

USDCHF and USDJPY Retracements or Change in Direction

The USDCHF has been moving in a downward pattern on the daily chart since August.  However, yesterday it formed a candlestick reversal bar and today...

British Pound Currencies Possible Retracement

British Pound Currencies Possible Retracement

The British Pound currencies may be testing prior highs or lows and a bounce off these areas are likely. EURGBP Both the daily and 720 minute chart...

Is This The Week Oil Markets Shift?

Last week, the price of WTI crude oil dramatically bounced back and forth taking on steep gains, only to see them lost and regained yet again over...

The British Pound Post Europe

In June 2016 the citizens of the United Kingdom narrowly voted to exit the European Union. While the referendum stunned markets around the globe,...

Copper and Trade Talks

Global stock markets are lower this Monday morning with traders and investors waking up to the news that Washington was set to implement previously...

The Trade Dispute and Chinese Stocks

The United States took a hard line against trading partners over recent months as the Trump administration seeks to fulfill promises made on the...

And Now For the Good News

A Thursday like yesterday can certainly help a struggling S&P and NASDAQ. The S&P 500 (ES) had fallen 1.7% and the NASDAQ (NQ)had fallen 3.9...

The Futures "Roll" Begins

The S&P 500 Futures "Roll" Begins

Going into the beginning of September, the markets took a breather from the recent rally, but now they appear poised once again to test all-time high...

Will the USDCAD Find Support?

Will the USDCAD Find Support?

As mentioned last week in the analysis of the USDCAD, price found resistance at the 1.3200 level and has moved back down.  Currently there is a line...

Forex Outlook

Forex Outlook for this Week

Sever of the major currencies are either range bound or testing their prior highs or lows, at the moment.  Additionally, both the British Pound and...

What's Going on With Gold?

Looking over the next few years, the level of 1360 reached in May 2018 could prove to be a multi-year high for gold. Gold has remained in a steep...

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