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Copper and Trade Talks

By Bob Iaccino - September 17, 2018

Bitcoin Outlook for This Week

Bitcoin has continued to work higher, and is now grinding around $7700. BTC is up 33% since the last week of June when it touched $5850. We were...

Yield Curve Flattening and the Stock Market

The 2’s-10’s yield curve came in another basis point as of Friday’s close. This critical part of the Treasury yield curve, which is a simple...

Gold Loses Some of Its Shine

Gold had been in a bull market ever since trading to a low of $1046.20 in December 2015. The yellow metal reached its most recent high in July 2016...

Natural Gas Outlook for Next Week

Natural Gas futures received a brief repreive from downward price pressure yesterday, as a lower than expected inventory build was seen as a bullish...

Dr. Copper is Very Sick

Copper over the years has earned the tired nickname of “Dr. Copper” based on this idea that the base metal has a Ph.D. in economics, giving it the...

USDJPY: cliff diving or lighter than air?

The summer markets are always less than ideal trading conditions. “Sell in May and go away” is advice stock investors offer around this time and even...

Bitcoin- What A Difference A Year Makes, but Trading Opportunities Abound

In 2017 Bitcoin was all the rage. Towards the end of the year, the addressable market for the hundreds of other tokens in the digital currency asset...

Reasons Behind Bitcoins Latest Price Surge

The crypto world was on fire in the early frames of this week, as bitcoin made a convincing move to shoot past support at $7,000 and establish a new...

All Eyes Still on Earnings

All Eyes Still on Earnings

The earnings season continues with Microsoft (MSFT) reporting today and General Electric (GE) headlining tomorrow. Earnings will pick up next week...

Equity Dip Buyers Feel At Home Again

Equity Dip Buyers Feel At Home Again

Monday’s trade was weaker with mid-month rebalancing favoring the sell side. The S&P 500 started the first half of July up more than 2.5% and up...

forex markets on the move today

Forex on the Move Today

As shown in the Multicharts Scanner window below, there are multiple volume divergences in the first column, combined with the yellow "MPk" column,...

Trading Divergences on Forex Market

Trading Divergences on Forex Markets

If trading divergences, there are basically two main types of divergences - regular and hidden divergence.  Regular divergence is when price makes a...

How Much Lower Can Oil Move?

It was a brutal second half of last week in crude oil markets, as a stunning drop in oil inventories as reported by the EIA was greeted with a just...

Powell Sleeps Well but Should We?

On May 29th, President Trump announced $50 Billion in tariffs on China, a development most market participants called “gamesmanship” or “art of the...

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