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Bitcoin Waited Patiently for A Breakout, and It Got It

Last year at this time, Bitcoin was on its way to its all-time high in a parabolic move that took the cryptocurrency to an all-time peak at over $19,...

Copper in Focus

Since its decline of 23% that began at the end of May and bottomed in the middle of August, copper has recovered about 11%, and now sits about 8.5%...

The U.K. and Italy Mean There Is More Volatility On The Horizon For The Euro Currency

The euro currency is likely to face lots of challenges in the coming weeks and months. Alongside the dollar, the euro is a reserve currency meaning...

MrTopStep's Thanksgiving Equity Reflection

MrTopStep's Thanksgiving Equity Reflection

Over the last few years as the U.S. indices hit new all-time highs, selling seemed to dry up, and the path of less resistance has been to go long. In...

Levels for Yen Pairs

Support and Resistance Price Levels for the Yen Pairs

The support and resistance levels for the AUDJPY, EURJPY, and GBPJPY are below.  The red lines indicate the potential resistance areas and the blue...

Levels to Watch on Forex Majors

Levels to Watch on Forex Majors

Previous highs and lows are great indications where the market will encounter either support (level is below price) or resistance (level is above...

The State of Brexit is the State of May

The British pound has been quite a ride for FX traders since 2016 when the Brexit referendum took place on June 23rd of that same year. GBP/USD had...

A Bumpy Road For U.S. Stocks Makes For A Traders Paradise

Some of us that remain in the market today remember the events in 1987 when the stock market crashed. Black Monday came on October 19. In 1929, Black...

Crude Oil Update

In a post dated November 2nd titled “Bear Market Close For Crude Oil”, we wrote; “The bottom of the old range represents bear market territory and is...

Rates Promise More Volatility In The Dollar

At the latest meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, the U.S. central bank left the short-term Fed Funds rate unchanged in November. However,...

No Seasonal Slow Down

No Seasonal Slow Down for the Markets this Year

The U.S. dollar has been rallying so far in the first half of this last quarter of 2018, making a new high for the year last Thursday. This has kept...

MrTopStep's MidMonth Equity View

S&P 500 Mid-month Equity View

Just when it looked like life was coming back into the stock market for bulls, the buying dried up, and the last four sessions have favored selling....

GBPUSD and EURUSD Overview

Overview on GBPUSD and EURUSD

A potential "technical" agreement has been reached over the Brexit.  However, Prime Minister Mays has scheduled a meeting for today to convince her...

This Time Earnings Were Different

Earnings are 90% in the can and not only are they not bad, but they are also the best since 2010. According to Factset.com, for Q3 2018 with “90% of...

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