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U.S. Crude Oil Rig Count Has Stalled

On May 25th of this year, Baker Hughes reported an oil rig count jump in the U.S. from 844 to 859. June 1st, there was an increase to 861. This past...

Silver Breaks- Lots of Volatility Ahead

In July, the price of silver fell to a new low for 2018. In August, it declined below the $15 per ounce level for the first time since 2016. In...

Is the S&P Preparing For A Pull Back?

After shattering record highs in August, the S&P 500 has started September by moving in the other direction.  While the index is now officially...

Gold and Inflationary Pressures

The gold market had a rough summer in 2018. As we head into the final four months of this year, gold broke a bullish trading pattern that had been in...

MrTopStep's View Heading into Tomorrow's NFP

MrTopStep's View Heading into Tomorrow's NFP

Yesterday, U.S. stock markets continued to fall as the first-of-the-month rebalancing exerted pressure on the markets. This was particularly true of...

MrTopStep's Mid-Week View

MrTopStep's Mid-Week View

Following the market's rally to new all-time highs on Wednesday of last week, MrTopStep was watching for price to be weak into the end of August and...

USDCAD Binary Options and Spreads

Combining Spreads and Binaries for BOC Rate Announcement

The BOC Rate Announcement is at 10am New York time today and typically creates a lot of volatility on the USD/CAD currency.  Traders have the option...

Crude Oil Volatility Will Return

The price of crude oil has been in a bull market since finding a low at $26.05 in February 2016. Crude oil is the energy commodity that powers the...

Forex Volatility Expected this Week

Forex Volatility Expected this Week

This week's highest volatility reports are: GBP Inflation Report Hearings, Tuesday at 8:15 am New York time Bank of Canada Rate Statement, Wednesday...

Seasonality is Strongest in Natural Gas

It’s almost time. Time for one of the more powerful seasonal influences on price in the commodity space and that influence will take place in...

Natural Gas Volatility Often Provides Trading Opportunities

Since natural gas began trading in the futures market in 1990, the price has been as low as $1.02 and as high as $15.65 per MMBtu. The long history...

Danny's End of the Week View

Danny's End of the Week View

The S&P 500 futures has continued its strong performance, currently up 113.25 handles and up 9 of the last 10 sessions.  This is an increase 4%...

Bitcoin Interest Surging In New Places

The last several weeks have brought meaningful weakness so the currency of several emerging market countries. Nations like Venezuela, Argentina,...

MrTopStep's End of the Month Equity View

MrTopStep's End-of-the-Month Equity View

In recent weeks, our target in the S&P 500 futures leading up to Labor Day was 2889 and then 2900.  Both of these price levels have now been met...

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