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USD Took One On The Chin – Ready For Round Two?

By Theodore Kekstadt - November 20, 2017

Trading Currencies Potential USDJPY Move

Trading Currencies Potential USD/JPY Move

Today is full of market reports - red, orange and yellow.  The red reports kick off at 8:30 am New York time and include the following releases: CPI...

Is a Dovish Rate Hike Enough?

Inflation is either coming back soon, or it’s not. Pardon the theatre of the obvious, but one thing we learned from the FOMC minutes which were...


Looking at EUR vs USD between now and the End of the Week: 10.12.17

This video, Andrew Keene, CEO of Alpha Shark Trading, looks at the possible ways to trade the EUR vs the USD between now and the end of the week. ...

NatGas at Pivotal Support

NatGas at Pivotal Support

Monday, the November contract of natural gas futures made a 52-week low.  Since Monday, this market initially rallied, but then it stalled out near...

Why This Rally may be Fool's Gold

Why This Rally may be Fool's Gold

After traveling up above $1360 in early September, the gold futures market has fallen hard over the past few weeks. Going into early October, this...

Looking at the emini Nasdaq and Dow

Looking at the emini Nasdaq and Dow

Markets tend to move off of support and resistance.  Whenever price finds an area that acts as support, typically price moves up until it hits...

S&P 500 Meets the 2550 Level

S&P 500 Meets the 2550 Level

Last week’s rally in the equity futures was noticeable and impressive!  Even after a negative non-farm payroll print, the S&P 500 futures didn’t...

Trend Trading Forex Pairs

Trend Trading Forex Pairs

As anticipated last week, most of the currencies reversed direction after the release of the Non-Farm Employment Change numbers on Friday.  The Non-...


Monthly Outlook On The S&P 500

Listen to Sean Jantz of Binary Trade Group as he walks you through how to construct a monthly trade plan on the S&P 500 market. With the 4th...


Potential SP 500 Trade Setups :October 9th

strik00 Futures look very weak today after opening up at a new all time high and thinking the price action and price momentum will carry on...


Weekly Market Trade Plan- October 9- 13th

Posted Sunday evening, Jack Gleason founder of Major League Trading.com reviews his trade plan going into the week beginning on October 9th 2017,...

Non-Farm Payrolls Gives More Cover to the Fed

Inflation has turned up in the U.S, but not quite enough for everyone to agree that rate hikes are needed. The Fed, however,  is convinced. They more...

Oil's Tug of War with $50 Level

Oil's Tug of War with $50 Level

Crude oil’s uncharacteristic seasonal rise took the market up to $52.86 last Thursday before the market sold off into the end of last week and early...

Silver is In An Abusive Relationship With the Dollar

In the current climate, the dollar is the only fundamental factor one needs to look at when analyzing precious metals. The days when precious metals...

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