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The Japanese Yen Could Respond To Peace In Asia

By Andrew Hecht - May 21, 2018

How High Can the Price of Oil Go?

One year ago, the price of oil was hovering around $48 and talk was widespread of the market resetting to a new normal. Shale oil from the United...

AUDUSD: The Unstoppable Force vs The Immovable Object.

Over recent weeks I have covered potential moves in the AUDUSD using a technique some traders use to forecast profit targets during an impulse move...

Danny's End of the Week View

Technical Outlook for the Stock Market

Danny's End of the Week View During yesterday's sell-off, the one bright spot was the performance of the financial stocks. The KBW Nasdaq Bank Index...

The Rising Tide

Quietly, interest rates have been rising across the treasury curve and to say the curve is flattening is too broad of a statement, although it is...

Yen Pairs Moving Prior to BOJ Releases

Yen Pairs Moving Ahead of Bank of Japan Releases Next Week

The Yen pairs are beginning to move prior to next Thursday's evening, April 26th, the Bank of Japan will release its Policy Rate, Monetary Policy...

China is Letting Copper Down

On a day to day basis, if you are trading copper you are looking at 4 main factors that affect the price. In order of importance they are; Chinese...

Planting Season Means More Volatility Ahead For Corn And Soybeans

Each year, the end of winter and beginning of spring is a time when farmers plant seeds across the fertile plains of the United States and Northern...

Bulls Take Back the Tape

Bulls Take Back the Tape

Danny’s View After a lot of shake, rattle, and roll, the VIX has calmed down and the equity futures are reacting in kind.  In the S&P 500 and all...

Last Four Sessions = Lowest Volume of the Year

Last Four Sessions = Lowest Volume of the Year

Danny’s View It's hard to be bearish with the major indexes posting their eighth day of gains in the past 11 sessions. Yesterday, stocks got a boost...

Mid-Week Forex Review

Mid-Week Forex Review

Although the currencies were slow to move earlier in the week, a mid-week move may be in the cards for these currencies. GBPUSD Although the GBPUSD...

Bitcoin Recovery Is Under Way...Or Is It?

The price of bitcoin took a dive Tuesday, falling by more than $200 is less than 30 minutes and over $500 in 24 hours. It's not as if Bitcoin has...

Bank of Canada Rate Announcement

Bank of Canada Rate Announcement Tomorrow

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 10am New York time, the Bank of Canada will release its Monetary Policy Statement, Rate Statement and Overnight Rate...

Natural Gas Moves Into Injection Season

Those living in the Northeastern part of the United States experienced a long and drawn out winter season that extended into April. The demand for...

USD/JPY - Bullish Setup Amidst Global Tensions

Global tensions are setting up the USD/JPY Bulls for further upside action.  Trade war rumblings have been pushed back now that the U.S. military is...

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