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U.S. Stock Market Mid-Month Sell-Off

U.S. Stock Market Mid-Month Sell-Off

Yesterday’s price action in the equity index markets looked dreadful, especially after the S&P 500 futures (ES) broke through the low from last...

Hidden Divergence USDCAD

Hidden Divergence Patterns and Expectations

Hidden divergence patterns are formed when either of these two formations occur and are confirmed with a reversal bar: Lower highs in price with...

Forex Pullback

Will the Forex Pullback This Week

The markets typically move in waves -- they may move down, then pullback, or retrace, in search of resistance to continue the move down or they may...

Bitcoin Outlook for This Week

Bitcoin has taken a round trip over the last month as it fell sharply starting on August 7th, and has erased almost all the gains month to date....

Earnings Were Great, but Future Earnings are in Question

According to data compiled by FactSet.com, with 91% of the companies in the S&P 500 reporting actual results for the quarter, it’s time for an...

CPI Gives the Fed Options

U.S. Consumer Price Index data for the month of July was released this morning and it was Rip-Van-Winkle exciting. Headline CPI month over month (MoM...

U.S. Stocks Rally with Blinders

Over the first six-weeks of 2016 the S&P 500 index posted around a 13 percent loss, but the buying returned, and it was off to the races...

MrTopStep Calls This "Thin to Win"

Outlook for Stock Market: MrTopStep Calls This "Thin to Win"

Danny Riley of MrTopStep has developed a saying over the last few years called “thin to win” regarding the U.S. stock markets. This phrase suggests...

Forex Outlook

Forex Outlook on USDCAD, USDCHF, and AUDUSD

The AUDUSD, USDCAD, and USDCHF have price patterns that are developing on the higher timeframes that may potentially identify where price will be...

Competing Narratives Driving Oil Markets

Oil futures drifted higher on to start the week, as oil markets continued to digest competing headlines. The market moved to the precipice of the $70...

Forex Outlook this Week

Forex Outlook this Week

Which forex pairs are likely to move the most this week is typically indicated on the higher timeframes (ie 360, 720, or daily charts).  When a...

Stocks Need Some Wind in Their Sails

According to FactSet.com, for Q2 2018 with 81% of the companies in the S&P 500 reporting actual results for the quarter, the blended earnings...

Bitcoin Comes Roaring Back and Then Fails Again

It has been a rough 2018 for Bitcoin and the digital currency asset class. After rising to a high of over $800 billion in December 2017, the market...

Larger Move Could Be Coming to Natural Gas Prices

Natural gas prices have been under pressure for several months, as bulls have searched for a new rationale that could propel prices above $3.00....

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