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USD Took One On The Chin – Ready For Round Two?

By Theodore Kekstadt - November 20, 2017

Are you watching the GBPUSD

Are You Watching the GBP/USD Today?

  Back in its prime, the GBPUSD was trading above $2 area but then the financial crisis hit and in 2008,down it went.  By 2009, the GBPUSD had fallen...

Trend Continuation in Copper?

Is Copper Going to Continue It's Trend?

Copper futures have rallied strongly over the last year, making its biggest moves in November of 2016 and August of 2017. This market has not...

Is the Crude Rally Running on Fumes?

Is the Crude Rally Running on Fumes?

Since finding a 2017 low in mid-June, crude oil futures have been rallying, reaching their highest levels since April yesterday. While this rally has...


Which Forex Pair Looks Promising to Trade Today

Andrew Keene, CEO with Alpha Shark Trading looks at the GBPJPY today for potential trade opportunities in the forex markets. Using the Ichimoku Cloud...

Technical View of the S&P 500 for September 26th

Technical View of the S&P 500 for September 26th

The week opened yesterday with a clear risk-off tone with the equity markets showing weakness in the U.S. while gold was rallying.  Much of this was...

Trading Euro Currency Pairs

Where is the Euro Likely to Go?

The Euro currency pairs have been moving down overnight but will this continue?  More than likely, a retracement may occur during the US session and...

Another Devastating Storm Adds Volatility to Initial Weekly Jobless Claims

The release of the initial weekly jobless claims has provided some drama in recent weeks, as uncertainty flowing from the impact of twin storms on...

Get Ready for a Week of Speeches

Get Ready for a Week of Speeches

This week it seems everyone is speaking and these speeches can have a huge impact on the currencies.  Here's a list of all the speeches currently...

The Nasdaq is Vulnerable

Unless there is a big change in sentiment in the next week, the Nasdaq is poised to finish the month lower in September for the only the 2nd time in...

Oil Traders Should Prepare for Active Week

The price of oil has broken through to a new level of support, with WTI crude holding above $50 for several sessions. The days of WTI priced in the...


This Week's Market Trade Plan- September 24th

Posted on Sunday evening, Jack Gleason founder of Major League Trading.com reviews his trade plan for the week beginning on September 24th, 2017,...

End of the Week S&P Technical View

End of the Week S&P Technical View

After an interesting FOMC day Wednesday followed by a quiet Thursday, the U.S. equity and other financial markets took a slight risk-off tone...

The Fed Has to Raise Rates

This past week the Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) held their latest “most important meeting ever.” The 2-day meeting ended Wednesday, with the...

Identifying the Next Forex Move

Identifying the Next Forex Move

Although the FOMC announcement sucked the life out of the USDJPY, there are still plenty of currencies to trade.  For example, there may be some nice...

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