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China Economic Weakness Deepens

China’s Growth Domestic Product (GDP) was released last night and we may be seeing part of the reason the Dow, S&P 500 and the NASDAQ are under...

The U.S. Dollar- Politics Versus Economics

Currency markets tend to reflect both political and economic events. Monetary policy is set by central banks and monetary authorities who control...

Danny's View: Buy the Dips & Sell the Rips

Danny's View: Buy the Dips & Sell the Rips

The recent uptick in volatility in the markets is part of early stages of what is called a rotation away from high-risk assets whose gains now appear...

Danny's Wednesday View for U.S. Indices

Wednesday Stock Market View for S&P 500 Index

I had expected the U.S. stock markets to rally this week, but after Monday’s sloppy close, I had started to reconsider that idea. However, the S&...

Range Bound Markets

Range Bound Markets this Morning

Today, at 2pm New York time the FOMC minutes will be released.  Traders will be analyzing the minutes for clues as to if the FOMC is still planning...

Trading the Major Currencies

Trading the Major Currencies This Week

Compared to previous weeks, this week is a rather light market report week.  On the US side, the FOMC minutes will be released on Wednesday at 2pm...

A Dizzying Array of Market Worries

The selloff in the NASDAQ, S&P and the Dow last week was both rapid and revealing. The speed of the more than 8% selloff in the NASDAQ was...

Volatility up in Energy Markets

With the sharp movements in global stock indices, volatility across world markets is elevated across the board. In our opinion, if you consider all...

U.S. Stocks- Blinders Verses Reality Led To Volatility

There have been bullish and bearish factors pulling the U.S. stock market in opposite directions for quite some time. However, equity prices had...

The Big Selloff…In Crude Oil

The Dow tumbled 546 points, or 2.1%, on Thursday following another heavy session of selling The index briefly turned positive during morning trading...

Japanese Stocks Are At Highs- Volatility Ahead

Japan has battled its demographic demons for decades. The low birth rate and aging population in the Asian nation have been eating away at...

Danny's View: Take a Deep Breath

Stock Market: It's Time to Take a Deep Breath

Global markets grew jittery in recent days as fears about growth in China took hold. "The larger the stimulus used by China to offset the trade war...

MrTopStep's Mid-Week Equity View

MrTopStep's Mid-Week Equity View

Yesterday marked the fifth day of weakness in U.S. equity futures. The Dow Jones Industrial Average Transportation Index, an index used as a leading...

Divergences on Major Pairs USDJPY

Watch for Candlesticks to Confirm Divergences on these Pairs

There are potential divergences on many forex pairs this morning but they need to be confirmed with candlestick patterns.  The candlestick patterns...

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