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Bitcoin- A Different Kind of Year in 2018

By Andrew Hecht - February 19, 2018

MrTopStep S&P 500 Technical View

MrTopStep S&P 500 Technical View

Who would have predicted last week that the S&P 500 futures would rise from the 2017 close at 2667.75 and push above the 2700 level for the first...

A Golden Start for 2018

Gold posted a 13.65 percent increase in 2017, and it came out of the gate during the first week of 2018 adding to that gain. Over the past three...

Weekly Forex Outlook with Focus on Euro Currencies

Weekly Forex Outlook with Focus on Euro Currencies

In the weekly forex outlook, the focus is on the Euro currencies because there are signs of a probable retracement on the higher timeframes.  The...

GBP/USD Is Flirting With 18 Month Highs

The 2018 trading year is finally gearing up for the GPB/USD currency cross rate.  U.S. fundamental data has had little influence on this market over...


Weekly Market Trade Plan for Nasdaq on January 8th, 2018

Jack Gleason founder of Major League Trading.com reviews his trade plan for the Nasdaq market this week identifying trading levels that he will be...

2018 and all the Bull Market Doubters

2018 and All the Bull Market Doubters

To all the doubters that thought the markets were going down in 2017 and 2018, it's important to remember that the stock market has never done before...


The winter of 2013-14 was a record setter on several levels. It was the coldest winter in over 30 years and set records for snowfall in many areas....

Has the Bomb Cyclone Winter Storm Grayson Frozen the Markets?

If you have been looking at the markets this week, everything is a bit slower and only the cold can explain it.  The holiday season is over, it is...

Don't Overlook the Uniqueness of the Russell Index

Don't Overlook the Russell

Our index of choice is usually the S&P 500 futures, which is MrTopStep’s specialty since we operated a desk on the CME floor in S&P 500...

Trading High Volatility Reports on Currencies

Trading High Volatility Reports on Currencies

The Non-Farm Employment Change will be released at 8:30 am New York time, January 5, 2018, as well as the Canadian Employment Change and Canadian...

ADP Private Payrolls Add to the importance of This Month's Nonfarm Payrolls

This week's Automatic Data Processing (ADP) private payrolls report produced a huge number versus expectations. 250,000 jobs added versus an...


Trade Bitcoin on Nadex

The world famous Bitcoin is now available to trade on Nadex! How cool is that? Bitcoin Spreads are now available, offering trading of the volatile...

Technical View of the S&P 500

Technical View of the S&P 500 on Jan 4th,2017

Our technical view of the S&P 500 future (ESH18) from two days ago was bullish above 2683, looking for the 2700 level and some higher Fibonacci...

The USD/JPY Empire of the Sun Blocked Out By Clouds

Rising Crude Oil prices, North Korea, USD strength, indicators are mixed, and a major technical Head & Shoulders formation is set for fruition.  ...

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