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Bitcoin Outlook for This Week

By Jason Pfaff - August 13, 2018

Only 2 Things Can Help Gold Bulls before November

Gold has had a pretty good couple of days. It is up 4 of the last 5 sessions and has made back more than 50% of the big down move on May 15th after...

Pound Weakness Extends Versus the Yen

A tidal wave of selling has pummeled the GBP/JPY pair through this week, as short term optimism smiled on the Yen while mounting concerns weighed on...

If the JPY was popcorn, it may be time to grab the butter.

Over the last five or so trading days, the JPY has seen strength across all currencies pairs. Even more telling is in the USDJPY as the US Dollar has...

It's All About The News

It's All About The News

Commodity View: Crude oil futures have been selling off from Tuesday’s 72.90 to this morning’s 69.13 low as Saudi Arabia and Russia ease their output...

US Indices in Congestion

US Indices in Congestion

The US indices have developed a congestion range on the daily charts, while the weekly charts are indicating that price is testing for potential...

Fed Minutes Signal Further Rate Increases

Fed Minutes Signal Further Rate Increases

If higher interest rates are supposed to be a negative for the economy, it sure didn't seem that way after the Fed released its May minutes yesterday...

Copper’s Trading Range Offers Opportunities

Copper is a bellwether commodity that is often a leader when it comes to signaling changes to the global economy. As an essential building block of...

What Happened to the 50-Handle Ranges?

What Happened to the 50-Handle Ranges?

Yesterday’s equity index futures trade was about three things. The first was the total lack of volume. At the end of the day, only 846,000 ES futures...

Reversal Candlesticks

Reversal Candlesticks on Daily Indices Charts

Daily reversal candles are indicative of where price may go in the future.  If these price patterns roll into the weekly, then an even stronger...

This Time IS Different re: Crude Oil

 We have a large glut of Fed speakers this week and so far, none of them have shown any concern for the rising price of crude oil and how it applies...

The Dollar and FOMC Command Center Stage

Yields on the 10 Year Treasury in the United States have now seemingly found a home above the pivotal 3.0% level. As a result, the dollar has pursued...

USD/CAD : Ready To Test Support

The USD/CAD is ready to press support as the market tries to make a lower move Low.  Recent shows of strength continue to be thwarted creating lower...

Bitcoin Is Trying To Stage A Comeback

In December 2017 Bitcoin traded to a high of $19,343.04 which was an incredible feat considering it was at six cents in 2010. When the leading...

Is the dollar losing strength

Is the Dollar Losing Strength?

The US Dollar has been gaining strength but the candlestick patterns are indicating that it may go down.  Is this an end to the uptrend or is price...

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