Bootcamp: How to day trade the stock market - Aug. 10

Nadex / Nadex markets
Nadex /Nadex markets
August 10, 2021
11:00 am ET
5 hrs

Are you looking for potential trading opportunities with short-term price action in the stock market? Then join us as we offer a free, all-day virtual education event to help you step into the world of day trading. We'll cover products and tools to access markets designed specifically for retail traders, interesting day trading strategies, as well as some current analysis of the equity index markets.

11-11:45am ET

Day trading equity indices with binary options - Todd Rich, Nadex

Looking for short-term price action in the stock markets? Nadex Binary Options may be the right opportunity for you. Todd Rich will start with a foundation in binary options and then dive into how they work. Todd will explain how you can position a trade based on whether you think the price of an equity index will rise or fall, all with predetermined risk and reward.

12-12:45pm ET

A strategy for day trading binary options - Dan Cook, Nadex

The strangle strategy using binary options is a very simple “set it and forget it” strategy using a combination of binary options. With this strategy, traders aren’t trying to determine a market direction; rather, they’re simply looking for a breakout move in either direction. As part of this strategy, Dan will discuss the concept of scaling, which involves potentially locking in profits on a portion of the position and then potentially achieving maximum profit on the rest.

1-1:45pm ET

Rules-based technical analysis to identify potential entry and exit levels - Bryan Caprice, Keep Trading Simple

There is no shortage of ways to implement technical analysis in your trading. Bryan Caprice, CEO of Keep Trading Simple, discusses a rules-based strategy to take advantage of technical analysis tools using Fibonacci and Support & Resistance to identify potential trading opportunities. Take some of the emotion out of your trading by trying to stick to a trading plan.

2-2:45pm ET

Day trading equity indices with knock-outs & call spreads – Todd Rich, Nadex

Want to take a directional trade in an easy-to-understand, clearly defined risk/reward environment? Todd Rich will give you the foundation you need to understand Nadex Knock-Outs and Nadex Call Spreads: what they are and how they work. Then, he'll show you how to analyze and trade these contracts on the Nadex platform and share examples of each specifically when trading equity indices.

3-3:45pm ET

What is a market bubble, and are we in one? – Daniel Dubrovsky, DFX

With US equity indices reaching all-time highs this year, traders are talking more and more about a market bubble. DailyFX Strategist Daniel Dubrovsky defines what a market bubble is, takes a look back at previous bubbles, and then analyzes the current market outlook. Are we going to see buyers running into exhaustion, or is this simply the new normal?

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