Bootcamp: Stock Market Trading

Nadex / Nadex markets
Nadex /Nadex markets
January 25, 2022
11:00 am ET
5 hrs

Discover how you can participate in stock market trading with defined risk and learn about potential trading opportunities with short-term price action. Register for a free, all-day virtual education event to help you trade the stock market. We'll cover products, tools, and strategies to access markets specifically designed for retail traders, with topics ranging from stock market basics and technical analysis basics to fundamental analysis and more advanced technical analysis concepts. Registration will also grant you access to the recordings afterward.

11-11:45am ET

Stock Market Basics: The keys to helping traders navigate the equity roadways

It’s challenging to know what to buy and sell in the stock market, but the first step is to understand the jargon and a few of the major indexes. Jermal Chandler from tastytrade will discuss the significance and differences of popular indexes such as the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and Russell 2000 and why you might consider trading each one of them. He’ll also touch on the volatility index (the VIX), also known as the fear index.

12-12:45pm ET

Basic Technical Analysis: A how-to guide to start reading charts

Why do traders care about technical analysis? Todd Rich will start with a foundation in technical analysis: where it comes from, why it’s essential, and how to read a candlestick chart. Then, he’ll introduce you to some core technical analysis concepts such as trends, reversals, and support & resistance. You’ll also see how you can easily apply various indicator and drawing tools on the Nadex trading platform.

1-1:45pm ET

Combining fundamental and technical analysis to trade the stock market

Traders often use multiple tools to analyze trading opportunities in the stock market. Get insights on how to use a combination of fundamental analysis and technical analysis to gain perspective on the markets. First, we’ll discuss fundamentals such as price-to-earnings ratio, free cash flow, and short interest. Then, we’ll move to technicals such as moving average crossovers, Fibonacci retracements, and trading volume.

2-2:45pm ET

Advanced Technical Analysis: Trying to put the odds in your favor

Want to take your technical analysis skills to the next level? Bryan Caprice from Keep Trading Simple will discuss a more advanced tool: Bollinger Bands. He’ll explain how traders use mathematical concepts such as moving averages, standard deviation, and reversion to the mean. He’ll also share how traders use these tools as trade set-ups for entry and exit strategies.

3-3:45pm ET

The basics of Nadex short-term trading products

If you’re looking to trade short-term price action with defined risk, Nadex products might be right for you. Todd Rich will give you the foundation you need to trade binary options & prediction markets, knock-outs, and call spreads. He’ll define what they are and how they work. Then, he'll show you how to analyze and trade them on the Nadex platform.

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