Nadex is evolving: welcome to the future of trading

June 29, 2020
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Learn about upcoming improvements to the Nadex platform.

We switch over to the new Nadex platform in July, delivering a better trading experience for our members. Here, we’ll be making you aware of the upcoming changes and giving you some background so you can understand how we’re changing Nadex for the better.

Why are we switching to the new Nadex platform?

We’ve been working in the background to plan the future of Nadex, bringing you a new-look platform with a whole host of improved features. This is part of a wider evolution, ensuring we’re providing the best possible trading experience for our members.

The first of our exciting changes is the launch of our new website in late June, closely followed by the first stage of the platform switchover in early July.

These are the main benefits included in our new platform:

  • Improved display and usability. The platform has been designed by traders, for traders. It’s undergone testing with Nadex traders, ensuring we’ve developed an intuitive experience. Usability and navigation were the key driving forces behind the decisions we’ve made.

  • Updated charts. Charts have new and improved features including:

    • A simpler, cleaner user interface and better strike lines.

    • Easier navigation around the platform, with hot keys, and simpler selection of indicators, drawings, charts types, and more.

    • In-platform education, with notes on indicators and drawing tools so you can learn as you trade.

    • Percentage scales on charts in addition to prices.

    • Heikin-Ashi candles, offering clear readability for improved trend analysis.

    • Faster load speeds and quicker order executions. Performance is greatly improved – these are the results of benchmark tests comparing the average load time of our current and new platforms:

Current web platformNew web platformSpeed difference
Log in to workspace6.0 seconds 1.2 seconds80% faster
Charts2.3 seconds1.4 seconds39.1% faster
Tickets1.6 seconds0.2 seconds87.5% faster

Table above reflects average load times - results may vary by client

  • Improved technology. The platform is built on new and improved technology, meaning better features now and in the future. We’ll be continually improving our platform while striving to provide the optimal trading experience; new additions are already in the works. If you want the option to use a dark theme, or you’d like access to improved trading history details, you might just be in luck… watch this space!

Don’t forget the beta version of the platform is currently available so you can check out new features ahead of the switchover. Take a look here.

Switchover timeline: what do you need to know?

Here’s what you need to know ahead of the switch to the new Nadex platform:

  • Last week of June – the new Nadex website launches. You’ll be greeted by a new-look website, but the platform will remain the same for the time being. You can log in to your account as normal and you’ll be taken to the current trading platform.

  • Early July – platform switchover begins. You’ll automatically enter the new platform when you log in and it will become the primary place to trade. Access to the current platform will still be available while we complete the switchover process.

  • November – the switchover is completed. All trading and account management will happen in the new Nadex platform and you’ll no longer have access to the current one.

Follow our evolution

Our evolution is ongoing as we continually adapt Nadex to provide the best trading experience possible.

The process kicks off with the launch of our new website in the last week of June bringing you a brand new learning center and educational resources including:

  • Platform tutorials, covering the new platform and showing you the key benefits

  • Educational articles for traders of all experience levels

  • Regular blog content, keeping you up to date with the world of trading and helping you find new opportunities

  • Educational videos to build your knowledge

We also have exiting customer service improvements in the pipeline to make sure you get all the support you need when trading with us.

More on this to come – keep an eye on our blog and your inbox, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we announce upcoming changes to enhance your trading experience.  

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