Speculate on market movements with weekly knock-out contracts,
also known as Touch Bracket™ contracts. Pick a floor and a ceiling –
set risk and reward on your own terms.

Why trade knock-outs?

Why trade knock-outs?

Trade with a set plan.

If the floor or ceiling is hit, you’re automatically knocked out of the trade. This protects your profits and limits losses.

Make your forecast for the rest of the week.

Knock-out contracts expire at the end of the week –
unless the floor or ceiling is hit first.

Set your knock-out boundaries.

Your contract comes with a floor and ceiling built in.
Think of these as your take profit
and stop loss levels.

Trade flexibly.

Hold your contract until you’re knocked out or it
expires. Or, if you change your mind, you can exit
the trade early, too.

Knock-out contracts are financial instruments that offer opportunities to speculate on the markets with a set floor and ceiling. You can make money if the market moves in the direction you predict. If the floor or ceiling is hit, you’re knocked out of the trade – if you’ve made a profit, it’s yours to keep, and if you’ve taken a loss, it’s limited.

Cell phone with Nadex site open

NadexGO™ for mobile

Trade knock-outs from your phone – access the markets anywhere, anytime. Get all the same features on the go, including charts, drawing tools, and technical indicators.

Desktop computer with Nadex site open

Nadex for desktop

Access the Nadex platform and trade knock-outs from a desktop. Use a dynamic and robust suite of charts and tools – trade your way, where you want, when you want.

Try trading knock-outs
for free

Try trading knock-outs
for free