Nadex Amends Minimum Required Deposit Amount, Clarifies Fed Funds Settlement, Amends Language Regarding Non-US Funds Transfer


Pursuant to Section 5c(c)(1) of the Commodity Exchange Act, and Commission Regulation §40.6(a), Nadex has submitted notice to the Commission that it plans to amend the minimum required initial deposit amount. Additionally, this submission clarifies the settlement procedures for the Federal Funds Binary contracts, and amends the language regarding funds transfers between foreign banks and the Nadex settlement bank to account for debit card payment processors. In accordance with the 10-day review period set forth in Commission Regulation 40.6(b), the submission will be effective August 22, 2016. The changes to the Program will be implemented for the open of business on trade date August 29, 2016.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Compliance Department.
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