Nadex Relists All USD/CHF Binary Contracts, Refrains from Listing USD/CHF Spread Contracts


On January 15, 2015 Nadex submitted to the Commission an emergency notice pursuant to Commission Rule 40.6(a), that it would refrain from listing its USD/CHF contracts until further notice due to the major fluctuations in the value of the Swiss Franc as the result of the Swiss National Bank’s decision to remove the peg on the Franc. As of January 26, 2015, Nadex has returned to its regular listing schedule for all USD/CHF Binary contracts. Nadex has refrained from listing its USD/CHF Variable Payout contracts. Nadex plans to return to its regular listing for all Binary and Variable Payout contracts for January 27, 2015.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Compliance Department.