Day Trading Bootcamp: Short-term price action in commodities - Sep 21

Nadex / Nadex markets
Nadex /Nadex markets
September 21, 2021
11:00 am ET
4 hrs

Price volatility in commodities can be amplified during uncertain economic times. The global economy is currently struggling to recover from the aggressive spread of the COVID Delta variant. In addition, Central banks are deliberating potential interest rate moves to combat inflation, driving price swings in energy and precious metals markets. If you’re looking for potential trading opportunities with short-term price action in commodities, then join us for a free virtual education event to help you step into the world of day trading commodities, such as oil, natural gas, gold, and silver. We'll cover products and tools designed specifically for retail traders to access these markets.

11-11:45am ET Day trading oil and natural gas around economic reports - Bryan Caprice, Keep Trading Simple

A key to trading energy markets is knowing when to focus on potential moments of high volatility. News events, or more specifically economic reports such as inventory levels, can pose challenges to traders. Learn how to take advantage of potential trading opportunities in energy markets when scheduled economic reports are issued, use technical analysis tools such as Average True Range (ATR), and do so using defined risk Nadex contracts.

12-12:45pm ET Day trading oil or gold with binary options - Todd Rich, Nadex

Looking for short-term price action day trading oil or gold? With Nadex Binary Options, you can predict whether the price of oil or gold will rise or fall, with pre-determined, defined risk. You can never lose more than what you initially put into a trade, so trading Nadex Binary Options means no margin calls, ever! We’ll start with a foundation in binary options and then dive into how they work.

1-1:45pm ET Additional trading opportunities using forex when commodity prices move - Christopher Vecchio, CFA, DailyFX

When the price of oil or gold moves, it can directly impact various foreign exchange markets. Get the basics to understand foreign exchange and then learn what forex markets are affected by different commodities. You’ll then be able to potentially take advantage of volatility in commodities markets to identify opportunities in related FX markets when other traders might not have that advantage.

2-2:45pm ET Day trading commodities with knock-outs & call spreads – Todd Rich, Nadex

Get a foundation you need to understand Nadex Knock-Outs and Nadex Call Spreads: what they are and how they work. These products provide an opportunity to take a directional trade in commodities that is easy to understand and has clearly defined risk vs. reward. You’ll learn how to analyze and trade these contracts on the Nadex platform and see specific examples of each.

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