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Day Trading Bootcamp: The Trader Mindset

Nadex / Trading strategies
Nadex /Trading strategies
December 17, 2020
1:00 pm ET
45 mins

Want to explore the possibilities of being a day trader or refine your day trading skills? Or maybe you’re looking for potential opportunities with short term price action? Join us for a special virtual education event: Nadex Day Trading Bootcamp. We’ll cover day trader psychology, products and tools to access markets designed for short term price action, as well as some interesting trading strategies to potentially take advantage of markets with differing levels of volatility.

11am-11:45am Eastern

The Trader Mindset – Guy Adami, CNBC Fast Money

As exciting as the market can be, the market neither knows nor cares about your feelings. Day traders have the challenge of not just knowing and understanding the market, but also themselves. Guy Adami of CNBC’s Fast Money will share insights on what he has observed and learned regarding the trader mindset. Namely, what day traders should consider to manage their emotions and be mentally disciplined to potentially increase their success.

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