Source agency

What does source agency mean?

Nadex offers binary options on economic numbers like the weekly jobless claims. In the days before they are released, traders and analysts speculate on whether the number will have increased or decreased from the prior report and how different markets may react.

The economic numbers you can trade on Nadex are the weekly jobless claims, monthly nonfarm payroll, unemployment rate, and GDP.

​Unlike other Nadex markets like stock indices, commodities, or currencies, these economic numbers have no underlying market where there is continuous price discovery. They are simply announced and there is thus only one final “price,” which is the published number.

To ensure that trades are executed with accurate numbers, Nadex gets them from the original source agencies and then verifies them by cross-checking with trusted economic news sources.

These economic numbers are reported by the following source agencies affiliated with the US government:

  • United States Department of Labor - weekly jobless claims, nonfarm payroll, unemployment rate

  • United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis - GDP