How do I deposit funds into my Nadex account?

In this video we’ll help you fund your Nadex account by walking through the steps with you.

First, log in to your Live Nadex account using your user name and password.

In the upper right hand corner click “Account”. On the pop-up account screen, click “Add Funds” on the left hand rail.

The fastest and easiest way to deposit funds into your account is using a debit card. To use this method, click “Debit Card” and simply complete the information requested. Once you’ve entered the information, click “Save and Add Funds” at the bottom. Funds deposited via debit card are available immediately.

If you’d like to fund your account using Bank Transfer/ACH instead, click that box. Please note, even though you will see the Nadex transaction in your account with 1 business day, it may take up to 5 business days for us to receive the funds. For faster deposits, please use a debit card or initiate a wire transfer from your bank.

With ACH, Nadex uses a third-party service called Plaid to verify checking accounts in the US, which makes depositing funds and verifying your account much easier. If you’re happy to use Plaid, click “Yes” and then click “Continue”. Read how Plaid works, and click “Continue” again. Search for your bank or select one of the banks displayed. Here we selected “Chase”. You’ll then need to enter your User ID and password for your bank and click “Submit”. If your bank uses two-factor authentication, select your preferred method and click “Continue”. You can then enter the verification code you receive from your bank and click “Continue” again. You’ll get a message saying that your account has been verified by Plaid. Click “Continue”.

Once your account is verified, you can add funds to your Nadex account from your bank account by clicking “Add Funds” and “Bank Transfer/ACH” again. You’ll now see that your bank account is displayed and available. Enter the amount to deposit. Select your bank, and then click “Add Funds”.

If your bank account is not in the US, or if you prefer not to use Plaid, click “No” and then click “Continue”. Make sure you add a personal checking account which matches your Nadex account name. Select your country and then follow the instructions below. You may be required to submit additional verification documentation if you use this method.

Lastly, if you’d rather deposit funds via wire transfer, click “Wire Transfer” and follow the instructions. Funds deposited this way will only become available once Nadex has received them.

And there you have it, three different ways to deposit funds into your Nadex account, via debit card, bank transfer/ACH, or wire transfer.

For full details on funding by debit card, ACH, bank or wire transfer, visit our funding page.

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