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Day trading vs. swing trading: Comparing the pros and cons

March 18, 2021 / Alexandra Lively
Day traders make multiple trades over a single day, while swing traders take a longer approach over days and weeks. Learn more about these trading styles.
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Trading resolutions for 2021

January 7, 2021 / Alexandra Lively
Need a new year’s resolution you can stick to? Now’s the perfect time to invest in your education and become a better trader.
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How to day trade: a guide for beginners

October 1, 2020 / Laura Wagg
No pattern day trader rule, opportunities around the clock. Nadex is the home of day trading. Explore our day trading guide and find your strategy.
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Which moving average is better for trading? SMA vs. EMA

March 12, 2020 / Laura Wagg
Learn the differences between simple moving averages and exponential moving averages, and when you might consider using one versus the other.
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Trading 5-Minute Binary Options

March 12, 2020 / Alexandra Lively
Learn about trading short-term binary options and leveraging technical analysis tools such as MACD, Bollinger Bands, and Moving Averages.

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