Executing a trade and managing a position on the new Nadex platform

It’s quick and simple to place an order in the Nadex platform, as well as to manage it. Learn how with the Nadex experts – this video will show you:

  • How to pick your market and populate charts

  • How to use order tickets and understand your risk/reward

  • How to place your trade then monitor your position

  • How to close out early

This tutorial shows you’re the basics of placing orders and monitoring positions if you’re new to Nadex. If you want to learn about some of the platform’s other important features, take a look at our platform walkthrough.

Execute a trade and manage a position: tutorial video summary

In this short video, we’ll show you how to execute a trade and manage a position using the Nadex trading platform.

Step 1: log in to your Nadex account

You’ll see three different products available to trade: binary options, call spreads, and knock-outs. When you click on a product, you’ll see the different market classes you can trade on listed below, such as indices.

Step 2: pick your market and expiration

Click on a market class to see the markets available, and the various expiration options. Here, we chose binary options, then indices, then US 500 and daily.   

Step 3: choose your contract

Click on a contract to populate a price chart and bring up an order ticket on the right-hand side of the platform.

You’ll see a description of that contract on the ticket – the contract we’ve chosen asks the question:

Will the US 500 (Sep) finish higher than 3377.0 @ 4:15 p.m. (Eastern)?

If you predict yes, you buy. If you predict no, you sell.

You can modify the order ticket and choose:

  • Order type

  • Price

  • Quantity

The risk/reward for this order is displayed on the ticket, with the maximum potential profit and loss (excluding fees) shown before you place your order.

Step 4: place your order

If everything looks good, click ‘place order’.

A pop-up message will confirm that your order has been received. We placed a market order, so it was executed at the market price. The position will now appear in the positions tab below.

Step 5: wait until expiration or close out early

You can choose to exit a position early to either lock in gains or minimize losses.

To exit the position, click on it in the positions tab. This brings up a prepopulated order ticket. To liquidate your position – simply click ‘place order’ to send it to the market.

And that’s it. With just a few clicks you’ve executed a trade and managed your position on the Nadex platform, getting you into the exciting action of Nadex prediction markets.

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